How to deal with PMS?

How to deal with PMS?

PMS - premenstrual syndrome is, in other words, it's painful reactions occurring in women in the period before menstruation.PMS is manifested in all individually, the duration may also be different - someone PMS lasts a day, someone a week, and at the individual lucky and it did not happen.PMS symptoms are different - in a physical condition may experience headaches and abdominal pain, weakness, nausea, emotions can be mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, irritability or tearfulness.The common is only that PMS nobody likes and causes a lot of inconvenience, so many women want to know how to deal with PMS.

How to deal with PMS alone

Since PMS is not officially included in the classification of diseases, and the symptoms are very individual, and the single method of treatment it is not.But there are some rules on how to deal with PMS.There are many ways to deal with PMS including diet, lifestyle change, a change of scenery and even tempering.In medical use hormonal drugs, including oral contraceptives and antidepressants.

How to eat to ease PMS

During PMS better give up all stimulants such as coffee, black tea, cola and alcohol, they can be replaced by herbal and green tea and milk, you can switch to decaf,and recently appeared and black tea without caffeine.This will help reduce irritation and get rid of insomnia.

To combat PMS, eat a lot of chocolate and bananas, that it does not impact on the figure, preferably dark and bitter chocolate.Chocolate and bananas contain substances that are similar in their effect on the happiness hormones that are released in the human body.In general, it is not necessary to abuse the sweet, fatty tissue produces hormones, and in violation of their balance arises the same PMS.The best option would be to maintain an ideal for their age and height weight.

To avoid edema, if you are prone to them during PMS, it is better to reduce the amount of salt in your food and drink less liquid (but it is important that the amount of fluid you drink per day had about a half liters, no more and no less).

Many nutrients required during this period is found in milk, green vegetables, bananas, dried apricots, herbs, vegetable oils and pulses.Do not forget about vitamin complexes, they contain many vitamins and microelements, which do not enter the body with food, but need it in large quantities.

What to do to fight PMS

Relieve PMS symptoms to help regular exercise, in this case chess - it is not a sport.There needs physical activity, but in moderation, to determine for themselves the most appropriate sport - fitness, swimming, cycling or dancing.The point of the exercise is that when you are working the muscles in the blood stand out are the same hormones of joy, and if this sport enjoyable and interesting, it will bring pleasure twice.

In order to deal with PMS need less nervous - perhaps it sounds could be hard, but in fact, reduce the amount of stress quite real.More to walk and be outdoors, but do not run, but calmly and without haste.Practise yoga and train a deep breath, try to get enough sleep.Make sure that the house was always fresh air, ventilate regularly.

If PMS symptoms have a very strong and painful, the best option is to consult a doctor.In your case, can help control pills, because they are hormonal and restore the balance of hormones in the body, breach of which may occur strong PMS.Or you can prescribe sedatives or antidepressants, each case is unique and treatment he will also be his.Remember not independently start taking any medication and it is necessary to consult a doctor if you believe that you need them.