How to treat a yeast infection in women ?

How to treat a yeast infection in women ?

Thrush is a common disease and very vexing problem.Vaginal candidiasis (thrush second name) is not a disease, at least in the initial stage as long as it does not affect internal organs.Thrush is itching and white cheesy discharge from the genitals.Alas, the problem exposed not only women but also men.

To date, however, if the case is not running for a couple of days, you can get rid of yeast infection.In this article we will discuss the causes of the disease and find out how to cure yeast infection in women.

Causes of thrush

Thrush is a type of fungal infection, which is responsible for the fungus Candida.The presence of this fungus on the mucous membranes and the human body is quite natural.The question is, in what amounts to a particular place of the body it is.Once in the body, the conditions for enhanced reproduction of the fungus, yeast begins.

reasons affecting the appearance of thrush:

  • Stress.We all know that stress is a depressing effect on the human body;
  • Postponed disease, due to which decreases the immune system, for example, a serious viral disease and long-term treatment with antibiotics;
  • Malnutrition.The lack of a varied diet contributes to a lack of vitamins, trace elements, which do not allow the body to operate at full capacity and make good use of their defenses;
  • hormonal disorders can also cause enhanced reproduction of the fungus;
  • neglect of hygiene.No wonder with the most childhood we are told that you need to follow the clean his body.

treatment of thrush

cure thrush in women is not difficult, multi-pronged approach is important here.It is important to identify the cause of stress for the body.The gynecologist has to take a smear, and if the suspicions are confirmed, send to urine and blood sugar, as well as thrush can be a symptom of diabetes.After that, on the basis of tests the doctor selects antifungals.

The most common causes are a general decline in the protective function of the body, so for the effective treatment of thrush is also very important to follow the general rules:

  • Cancel possible use of antibiotics;
  • Stimulate the immune system;
  • normalize metabolism;
  • restore the normal microflora and acidity of the vagina;
  • Correct intestinal dysbiosis.

If you can not quickly get to the doctor, following the rules above, you can also take advantage of fast-acting drugs:

  • "Fluconazole" tablets;
  • Candles - "Zalain", "clotrimazole", "Polizhinaks".

Keep in mind that the wrong selection of candles, you can get burned mucosa.Therefore it is better to choose a method of treatment tablets.Better yet, consult a doctor.


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