How fast can cause monthly ?

How fast can cause monthly ?

For many women the missed period is a real stress.But if you know how to quickly recall periods, it will be possible to speed up the arrival of critical days.From this article you can learn some tips.As

cause monthly with a delay?

There are quite harmless ways to induce menstruation in case of delay.For example, a good option is decoctions dill and parsley.After 3 days, will go monthly, and no harm to health.To prepare a decoction of raw materials should be finely chopped, 10 grams pour a glass of boiling water, drink 100 ml three times a day.

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Salt bath

Menses come as soon as possible, if you take a hot salt bath.However, this procedure will do the hard work necessary to, for example, to move a sofa or diarrhea severity.And do not stay in the hot water for too long, as it may be harmful to health.

But do not panic if menstruation did not go in time, because a delay of up to 5 days is the norm.If this period amounted to more than the number of days, you should consult a gynecologist and get tested because it may indicate hormonal failure.

as emergency call monthly

There are times when the doctor get to no time - for example, after unprotected intercourse.In this case, you can take the "postinor," but it should be remembered that it has side effects.Women who are protected from unwanted pregnancy by using contraceptives can just stop them to drink, and menstruation will go through 2 - 3 days.

can also take "Djufaston": the course is 5 days to 2 tablets per day.A "Pulsatilla" is a single-acting drug: to put under the tongue and sucked 6-7 pellets, monthly and go on the next day.

Remember that drugs that cause periods, must be taken with great caution, as they may cause hormonal failure, which would entail a not very pleasant consequences.

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