Mastopatia - what is it?

It often happens that a little pain in the body, we heralds the beginning of a disease.But we hasten to the doctor is not always the case.If a woman has pain in the chest, then see a doctor it is necessary.Otherwise, you can hear in his address diagnosis - breast.What is this, whether this disease is dangerous for a woman.

female breast.This part of the female body is often admired the man, but it can hurt.And the disease starts with pain in the breasts before menses.After they end the pain goes away.Then, in the breast of a woman appear small nodules.You can argue that this disease has more than half of women still keep the situation under control.

If you suddenly showed up in the chest seals, do not pull the time, immediately consult a doctor.The reason for such entities may be that a woman undergo changes in the hormonal background.Progesterone and estrogen - these two hormones affect the female breast tissue.Diseases such as breast, can get sick every woman.But there are those who are the risk zone.If your family had such a disease, you have inherited it, too, can be, and therefore pay more attention to their health.The threat of mastitis there are those who have a weak immune system.And those ladies who smoke, are primarily at risk.

Argued that mastopathy can develop only by women, but it is not so rare, but men also happens breast.This disease can occur if a person suffered stress, nervous disorders.Women who had an abortion, too, can "visit" breast.What is a disease like those who at one time not to breastfeed the baby, too, is a fact.Keep the chest!Strike, not even the strongest, can also cause mastitis.

For the prevention of disease periodically shows vrachu mammologist, especially for those women who have gynecological diseases.On the treatment of mastitis, you can read on this page - "How to treat mastopathy?".