How to treat a yeast infection in men ?

How to treat a yeast infection in men ?

thrush is a fungal disease called genital organs of men, women and sometimes children.Pathogens such inflammatory diseases are fungi of the genus Candida, whence the name of medical yeast "Candida".Thrush in men occurs much less frequently than women, but still did not pass them by.Because the stronger sex and wondered how to cure yeast infection in men.

Thrush in men: symptoms, causes

symptoms of yeast infection in women and men are different.If the man noticed a not a rich white patches on the penis head, cramps, pain during ejaculation or urination, spots of red on the mucosa of the glans penis, foreskin, itching, he should immediately consult a doctor, even if the symptom is only one.The specialist will hold examination (smear) and prescribe appropriate treatment.Typically, this ointment, tablets, suppositories, creams or injections.

As for the causes of this fungal disease, women are often the factors decreased immunity, pregnancy, intestinal dysbiosis, ie not just sex.A male yeast infection symptoms often appear right after sex.And a man can become a carrier of yeast infection, transmit the disease to other women, while he has no signs of the disease appeared.

In any case, when the first symptoms of the disease do not cure yeast infection at home and resort to "granny" methods.Do not start the course of the disease.Immediately contact a doctor!

thrush treatment for men

Thrush in men rarely entail any serious consequences or complications.She is treated fairly simple, most importantly, in time to see a doctor.The doctor usually appoints based ointment clotrimazole, which treated the affected area twice a day (morning and evening).The course of treatment is 7 days.

Despite the fact that to treat yeast infection in men is very simple, in any case can not let the disease take its course.It threatens the transition of the disease into a chronic form.Here in this case, to deal with thrush will be a lot harder.After treatment, be sure to take independent measures to strengthen immunity.Enter in the treatment complex of vitamins, minerals and biologically active additives.

But it is extremely difficult without consulting a doctor say that your diagnosis of thrush, as these symptoms may occur with other serious diseases.In addition, specifically for the treatment of thrush you may need other drugs.And remember that there is no possibility of re-infection thrush, to undergo treatment must not only man, but also his partner.

Why is it so important to seek professional help?The doctor will be able to clearly determine the cause of the disease.And suddenly find that you have disrupted the endocrine glands?Then you will be referred to an endocrinologist.Perhaps certain drugs that you use, provoke the development of thrush, the doctor will have competent help and offer to replace them.In order not to waste time and energy on re-treatment of yeast, so it does not appear again and again, listen to the doctor's advice on how to cure yeast infection in men.