How to fall in love with Libra ?

How to fall in love with Libra ?

you wholeheartedly in love with the guy, but do not know how his interest and to provoke sympathy.You know that his birthday falls on a date between 23 September and 24 October, which means that he sign - Libra.The only inanimate sign, but because - special.Their main advantage - an innate sense of justice and a desire for harmony in everything.They tend to edification, pacification, while themselves are sometimes whimsical and slightly selfish.

How to fall in love with a man Libra?

This zodiac sign is easily giddy to representatives of the opposite sex, is able to please and is always in the spotlight.For his heart will have to fight, to be able to stand out, attract attention and become a reliable support.Initiative - not their strong point, they often need the approval and support.Delicately demonstrate their determination, but not pushing like a tank on the battlefield.

How to fall in love with Libra Man using his astrological features?Invite him to the theater or to a new exhibition, it is great to spend time and appreciate you as a woman with a deep view of life.As a creative and constructive sign he loves all that is beautiful, take advantage of this, become his muse.A little make-up, mysterious smile, understatement and restraint in all - intrigue man Libra.Create yourself an ephemeral image understanding and gentle woman, inviting and gracious at the same time.

How to fall in love with Libra?Very simply, become his ideal.This sign, feels the art, similar to poetry and music.His ideal - beautiful Blok stranger who gives the elect "enchanted distance", hidden behind a dark veil.The ideal woman is never satisfied with hysterics, with a smile, forgiving innocent oversights and can adapt to the frequent changes of mood Libra.

Astrologers say that the best partner for the Libra can be a Lion.Aries is also compatible with the familiar, but only in the bedroom, but the Twins are close to Libra spiritually and intellectually.Also, the stars say that the Virgin and moody Cancer - not the most suitable match for Libra.

How does the love Libra?

Love - a feeling that is impossible to hide from others, you will notice immediately that the man Libra love if:

  • He's shy in your presence, become indecisive, or vice versa shows excessive courage in communion becomes talkative, speaks a lot and out of place.
  • Shows you sexual desire, makes explicit compliments, takes the hand, trying hugged.
  • Demonstrates care of you interested in your affairs, sees off home, throws you on the shoulders of his jacket if it's cold outside.
  • invited to various cultural events or just a cafe.
  • carefully than usual following the appearance, highly polished shoes, the latest most fashionable shirt - all to attract vniman6ie darling.
  • Pampers gift, which includes not only flowers, chocolates and soft toys, but also romantic notes or poems.
  • let you in in a private space, invites you to his guests, acquaints with friends and family.