How to treat chlamydia ?

chlamydia called infectious venereal disease that is transmitted by sexual contact.The causative agent of this disease is a unique organism that has the name of Chlamydia trachomatis.He, like a virus, lives within a living cell, but its structure resembles a bacterium.Due to such properties of the micro-organism, there are some difficulties regarding how to treat chlamydia.

Chlamydia life cycle consists of two cycles: the infectious and reticular.In the first case it may reside outside of the cell, in the second - within living cells.The cycle of chlamydia is only 2 days.These microorganisms are very sensitive to chemotherapy, antibiotics, as well as heat and ultraviolet rays.At a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius chlamydia dies literally one minute.

infected person

Today Chlamydia is a very common disease.It is more common than gonorrhea.According to statistics, suffer from chlamydia 6-8 percent of the adult population of the planet.And, as a rule, the disease occurs along with other sexually transmitted diseases: gardnerellezom, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis.After random connections chlamydia is found in 50% of women and 60% men.Although, we should note, a single contact does not always lead to infection.

chlamydia transmission occurs during genital-genital, genital-anal and oral-genital relations.Domestic chlamydia infection is quite rare.This is due to the fact that the microorganisms are killed rapidly outside the body.Also needed for the infection, the body turned to a certain number of chlamydia.Infection is only possible through unprotected sex, as well as during birth from mother to child.


Most often, chlamydia has no symptoms.There are chronic and the latest form of the disease.

In fresh form only affected the lower genital tract.

Chronic Chlamydia about extending micro-organisms and in the upper parts of the tract.

addition, chlamydia is the acute stage.The main symptom of this situation are glassy evolution by urinating.In addition, there may be unpleasant when visiting the toilet, itching, sticking urethral sponge.As to the general human well-being, it chlamydia have less impact.signs of intoxication occur quite rarely, fever, weakness.Sometimes the above symptoms disappear and appear again later, but in a smaller form.Thus, it becomes a chronic disease chlamydia, and Chlamydia affects the new organs.

It is worth noting that the only wholly-owned option Detection of Chlamydia is passing specific tests.Only confirmed infection must be wondering how to treat chlamydia in women and in men.

dangerous diseases

main danger chlamydia is that, if not detected in time, possible complications.Specifically, sterility.Considering Just noticeable symptoms, most of the media for months unaware of the infection.Often the presence of chlamydia person learns only when planning to have a baby, but he can not get pregnant.

Treating chlamydia

As already mentioned, get rid of chlamydia is much more difficult than other bacteria.This virus is well adapted to the drug and may even "hide" them.However, the cure chlamydia, if you wish, you can.And the sooner you take to address this problem, the better.

Also course of antibiotic therapy, control of chlamydia podrazumevaet use of stimulants strengthen the immune system.If we talk about specific drugs, drug use, containing azithromycin or doxycycline.Depending on the degree of the disease can be used a combination of several antibiotics.It is also important to follow a diet, do not drink alcohol and not to be sexually active.During treatment compulsorily discharged reception multivitamins.The basic principle of treatment of this disease is an individual and comprehensive approach to each situation.

The important point is that chlamydia must treat all partners.At the end of treatment medication control tests are carried out.If bacteria are found, tests shall be repeated after a month.Women have taken tests before menstruation.

As to the question how to treat chlamydia in both men and women, sexual characters plays a very important role in this situation.Are typically used, the same drugs.Another thing - the treatment of complications caused by chlamydia.Depending on the floor and they can vary their treatment, as a result, too.