Why breast pain?

Any chest pain in many women causes fear.This is due to the widely discussed in the media problems of breast cancer.It really is a terrible disease, but chest pain may also occur in many other cases.

Why sore breasts - possible causes

  • hormonal changes during menstruation.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.In this case, it may hurt not only the chest, but the nipples.Read more about the reasons you can read in our article "Why sore nipples?".
  • accumulation and fluid retention in the body.
  • breast infection.
  • What a breast lesion.
  • breast cancer (as a cause of chest pain is much rarer than the previous factors).

If chest pain for a long period of time or is repeated periodically, be sure to consult a doctor.He will ask you specific questions, feel the breasts, pinpoint the cause of the pain may send you to a diagnosis if it detects seal (mammography, biopsy or sonogram).

In the following days, reduce salt intake, refrain from coffee and other caffeinated drinks, take vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Of course, all this is questionable methods to get rid of pain in the chest, when a woman does not know about the causes of pain.But if pain occurs during pregnancy or as a symptom of PMS, such folk observation you can help.Why

before menstruation breast pain

One of the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual symptom) is chest pain, doctors call this premenstrual mastalgia or engorgement of the breast.A gynecologist should apply if such a condition you are having problems, you feel discomfort.The manifestations of PMS can be reduced, but in each case the individual needs to consult a doctor.As explained

chest pain during menstruation in terms of medicine?Menstruation is the cause of changes in the breast tissue, just as pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.These female hormones like progesterone, estrogen and prolactin, responsible for regulating the changes in the lobules and the excretory ducts of the mammary glands.A hormonal changes during menstruation, ie, the number of hormones, the balance between them affect the way a woman feels.That is, a small chest pain before menstruation and during them - a normal phenomenon, whose manifestations can be reduced.

day before ovulation, during the second half of the cycle (just before menstruation for 10 days) increased the sensitivity of the breast.Epithelium in the ducts and lobules of the breast becomes larger.For breast surging blood and mammary glands increase in the volume swell.Just so, and starts to hurt his chest before menstruation.Healthy woman discomfort will be mild.

Why it had to be nature?It turns out that the breast as if preparing for a future pregnancy and breastfeeding.There is an increase in breast size, as in early pregnancy.Ovulation takes place, pregnancy does not occur, and formed new tissue in the breast atrophy, and then passes the pain.This is a natural process that is repeated regularly in childbearing age women (from the onset of menstruation before completion).

Why sore breasts in pregnancy

You may have already guessed, why there is pain in this case, read the previous explanation.Clarified.Of course, at the beginning of pregnancy, breast pain increase its size, namely, the size of fat tissue.Chest swells, increasing its sensitivity.There is a preparation for lactation.

reduce pain in the chest can, first of all, with the help of supportive bra made of natural fabrics.Synthetics are not welcome.Pay attention to the correct bra size to match the size of the breast, or it will only exacerbate the situation.You can buy special clothes for pregnant women.

And if pain occurs under the breast, must be provided in this area the most favorable conditions.Pick a bra that will not rub on the chest, and only wash with warm water and no soap.Micro-cracks and stretch marks appear on the skin of the breast dry and desiccate her soap.