How to restore the cycle ?

How to restore the cycle ?

Violation of the menstrual cycle - it is not uncommon these days.It can occur at any age completely, so almost every woman concerned about how to restore the menstrual cycle.The reasons for the violations very much.It can be internal or external factors, such as climate change, lifestyle, anxiety, pregnancy, etc.Remember that any deviation from the cycle - is a signal of the need to consult with your doctor and be examined.The normal cycle is talking about the body health, failure - of the possibility of serious diseases.

normal cycle

monthly menstrual cycle is characterized by cyclic changes in the female body.The norm is considered a cycle length of 21-35 days.Menstruation should last 3-7 days with 50-150 ml of blood loss.Every woman has their own individual cycle that depends on heredity, body, presence of chronic diseases, etc.

How to restore menstruatsionny cycle

To restore the menstrual cycle is necessary, first of all, to identify the cause of the failure:

  1. negative impact of external factors.It is easy to break the cycle is climate change, stress and so on. N. In this case, eliminate all stressful situations.Pay close attention to your diet.With a lack of nutrients, the cells are poorly restored, may be violated biochemical processes.Your diet should be rich in protein (fish, meat, legumes, nuts), fats (vegetable, dairy), carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables), vitamins and minerals (fruits).Consult your doctor for he appointed you a cyclic vitamin therapy in phases of the cycle.If you have a vitamin deficiency, the doctor will assign you a complex of vitamins and minerals.If you have a weight changed dramatically (obesity or weight loss), you will help to normalize body weight.It's simple recommendations, but they help to restore menstruation.
  2. inflammation of internal genital organs.One reason for failure cycle - or endometritis adnexitis, i.e.inflammation.How to restore the cycle in this case?Take the survey:
    • study of internal genital organs with ultrasound
    • Commissioning tests for various infections, sexually transmitted
    • Determination of hormonal status

    Inflammation of genitals - it is very serious, as it not only leads to failure, but also toinfertility.If the diagnosis is confirmed, you will need to undergo antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment.After that you will appoint a rehabilitation treatment, and possibly hormonal preparations.

  3. diseases of internal organs.If you have liver disease, thyroid, diabetes, or other, you need basic treatment.The recovery rate of the menstrual cycle will depend on properly chosen therapy and dose of drugs.Be sure to need a liver examination, the thyroid gland, the definition of thyroid hormones, biochemical blood tests (liver enzymes, sugar) and ultrasound.
  4. uterine pathology.To disrupt the menstrual cycle often result in uterine diseases (hyperplasia, endometrial polyps, fibroids).If you have a disease of the uterus, you will need a diagnostic curettage and histological examination of the endometrium.From the results of this study and will depend on hormonal therapy.Some cases, such as removal of the uterus, require surgical intervention.

How to restore the cycle of folk remedies

help restore cycle can traditional medicine.Herbal remedies are more carefully on the body.The main thing - to choose the right plant, which will treat and not to aggravate the disease.

To start adjust the power.Use the extracts of plants:

  • 3 of the root parsley
  • 3 parts chamomile
  • 2 leaves of yarrow
  • 3 of the root peony
  • Tansy, St. John's wort, the fruits of mountain ash (2 parts)
  • Licorice root, valerian root, thyme, sage leaves (1 part)

Brew collecting grass at the rate of one cup of boiling water to a tablespoon of the plant.Before going to bed drink a cup of broth.

to hormonal

If you need to restore hormonal balance, do the following infusion:

  • finely chopped dry grass upland uterus (1 gram)
  • 10 ml vodka

Insist the mixture in two weeks.Then drink 20 drops 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day.Wash down with distilled water (0.5 cups).Take tincture daily, except for the days of menstruation.

folk ways of the menstrual cycle recovery very much.But be careful before you eat anything, consult with an experienced technician.