How to fall in love with Aquarius ?

How to fall in love with Aquarius ?

Let's start with the fact that determine the general characteristics of Aquarius.Aquarius - the eleventh sign of the zodiac.Meets the eleventh house the individual horoscope.In accordance with the characteristics of the sign and house the main spheres of the manifestation of these people will be: laws and regulations in the life of society, in technological progress, politics, drastic changes fateful friendship laws analytical evaluation of all life.It refers to the element of air.

little advice on how to fall in love with Aquarius Aquarius

we find among the technically complex equipment, electronic devices and automation.They are interested in airfields and hangars, high technology.Often interested in politics.There may be a fashion designer.Accordingly, the metal of the sign - Aluminium.Preferred colors - silver, metallic purple sheen, iridescent, ultraviolet.Therefore it is always necessary to have a small set of qualified opinions in all these areas.At the beginning of dating can be a series of leading conversations on topics listed and soon your next arrow hit the target without missing.

How to fall in love with a man Aquarius

In the discussion of the preferred brands and colors of cars safely say that most prefer stuffed with electronics monster trucks, and metallic colors with a purple tint.availability of high-revving engine is desirable.Accordingly, on a date with Aquarius need to wear colored clothes metallic, iridescent silvery shades, iridescent jewelry made of palladium.Mini-skirts are not welcome, because Aquarians love mystery.It is better to wear a long dress with an exciting cut.On one of the next birthday can give his handpicked trike.This will direct his imagination instantly.

Aquarians are by nature often chilly and thoughtful intellectuals, thinking systematically about the future, or permanently.Often there are harsh, demanding, harsh, and it is completely unmalicious.They are changeable up to the periodic change of outlook.They tend to update, change, reform.Create your image supporter of social reform, say incomprehensible visit exhibitions of contemporary art.Your Aquarius will perceive you as a favorite ally in the struggle.Browse movies with him about a time traveler, this is his secret passion.The food Aquarius is biased toward Russian cuisine.Their blshe interested commensal rather than food.This is equally true for women Aquarius.Cooking, they do not like.Establish yourself cooking.

Weaknesses Aquarius

As a sign subject to the laws of global processes in the society and in the world, Aquarians have one very weak point.They are-slaves the illusion of steepness own life.This is equally true for the Aquarius of any gender.Therefore, a lot of Aquarius have resorted to the fatal drinking alcohol to get rid of awareness of this difficult problem.This is one of the problems in Russia, under the sign of Aquarius.

you become the unquestioned authority in the eyes of any of Aquarius, take a stand if a man well versed in the principles of social development, political intrigue, the evolution of the Galaxy and the pyramids on Mars.Do not forget to make it clear that drink the most expensive drinks and make friends with politicians.Discuss with Aquarius your future life with a global position.The holiday offer to travel to exotic countries Aquarius - at Victoria Falls in Switzerland.It would be nice to Aquarius.

Friends and foes Aquarius.In accordance with the structure of the zodiac Aquarius receive direct support from Libra and Gemini.Full misunderstanding of waiting for them on the part of Lions.On provoke conflicts Aquarius Taurus and Scorpio.

How does the love Aquarius Aquarius

life often suffer themselves and torture of people who love them - for their own impermanence.Therefore, the attitude was shown strength of character and get ready for the Aquarian fight with you and with myself.Aquarians prefer dark-haired partner.Repaint dark hair in at least temporarily until the first success.Proceed as appropriate.

Aquarians love to those around whom there is an aura of mystery.They want your secrets revealed to them slowly and gradually.Be for your Aquarius constant mystery.The easiest way to captivate Aquarius at the masquerade.It is equally effective in both sexes for Aquarius.Regularly Bark Aquarius on their costume balls and masquerades.Good to go to Brazil for the event.

How to fall in love with a woman of Aquarius

Female Aquarians are in search of life.They have a great sexual potential.Gray, everyday people are not interested in them.You will quickly notice the attention of both the original and an extraordinary man.Show that you are not clever, not tricky, not mercantile.It quickly melts distrust crust of ice in the heart of your chosen one.Suffer through friends or acquaintances rumor that you are strong in sex, but constant, tolerant and traditional.It will be useful.On visits come by car, and clothing, as described earlier in this article.You can take turns to come by jeep, on a horse or on a bike in a leather suit with shiny buckles and chains.Make it clear that you are able to help others from upright motives, even at the expense of their own interests.These qualities will help you to take a firm place in the heart of a woman Aquarius.Always accentuate more on friendship than love: friendship and independence of her other expensive pleasures.And she will give you my heart without reserve and herself.Such a paradoxical character.