How to treat a yeast infection in a child?

How to treat a yeast infection in a child?

Thrush of the mouth of the child - is a fungal infection.It is characterized in that affects the oral mucosa.It is clear: without treatment can not do here.The only question is how to treat thrush in the child?But first we answer another, equally important question.

How do you get infected?

child can get thrush or from the mother (even during childbirth), or from someone from the inner circle - through the nipple, through any other objects with which it comes into contact.Most susceptible to this disease premature babies and children with a history of any disease, especially if the treatment is carried out with the use of antibiotics.

Clinical manifestations of thrush

first on the oral mucosa appear white spots.They grow, covering film, resembling cottage cheese coating.Over time, plaque can acquire a gray or yellowish tint.If this plaque removed blemishes mucosa, blood appears.That is, you know what thrush infected child is very sick there.Therefore, patients with thrush grudnichki often refuse to breastfeed, because it gives them pain.Such children are usually restless and moody.

How to get rid of the disease?

Now we will try to answer the question of how to treat thrush in children?There may come to the aid of ordinary baking soda, two to six percent solution of which is necessary to irrigate or lubricate the mucous membranes of the mouth of a sick child.

Another way to get rid of the disease - to lubricate the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a mixture of borax glycerine.For lubrication also used dvuhprpotsentny solution of methylene blue, purple and mitelenovogo Gentian violet, which is necessary to alternate, lubricating the oral cavity of the patient five or six times a day.

In addition, an effective means of dealing with thrush in children is considered to be dissolved in milk Nystatin.If thrush in the child runs hard, then prescribe Nystatin and inside.The course - about four days.

Traditional ways of getting rid of thrush

If you are concerned about how to treat thrush in the child, do not discount the methods of traditional medicine.One of them is to give the child to drink boiled warm water after a meal.Since young children are fed milk and milk Nutrient media for fungi, water is indispensable, as the washes with the oral mucosa remains of milk, and fungi, deprived of his usual environment, no longer reproduce.This method is good for preventing thrush.