How are monthly ?

How are monthly ?

The life of each of the fair half of mankind comes the moment when it is transformed from girl to girl, able to become a mother.And related to this event with the onset of menses (menstruation).

What is menstruation

Start monthly associated with the beginning of ovulation - exit process egg from the ovary into the fallopian tubes.If at this time the woman is sexual contact, she can become pregnant.If this does not happen, the inner layer of the uterus begins to flake.Thus its numerous damaged blood vessels, which leads to bleeding.Blood, enzymes and cells of the uterus through the vaginal opening start to stand out.This is monthly.Later in the uterus "grows" a new layer.So she is preparing for a possible appearance in her child.

At what age did expect this event

menarche for most girls occurs between the 10th and 16th years.But this average.Some periods may begin in 8-9 years, others much later - at 19-20.To calculate the approximate time of the first menstrual period, ask the mother when this happened she had the first time.Perhaps you have it start at the same time.More information can be found here.

What she feels before the first menstruation and how they look

exactly predict onset of menstruation can not.Some girls can stomach ache before.The pain is usually localized and pulling in the lower abdomen.Maybe you will notice that the increased sensitivity of the breast, it may hurt a little.Often the mood deteriorates before menstruation, there is irritability and a desire to cry on any occasion.But many girls that day comes suddenly.Coming to the toilet, you discover a brown-red stains on his shorts.That is how the first month.On the second or third day of the amount of bleeding usually starts to increase.So it should be.Towards the end they will be increasingly scarce and soon disappear altogether.

The first time period may last from a couple of days to a week.Then comes a break for 2-3 months.Gradually, after an average of 1.5-2 years, the cycle will be adjusted and will be 21-35 days.

beginning of menstruation - is an occasion for joy.After all, now you almost became an adult.I tell my mother about this event.It will support you and tell you what to do.Do not be shy, this is an absolutely normal phenomenon, characteristic of all healthy women.More information can be found here.

Preparations for the first month

to this event need to be prepared mentally and theoretically.Most likely, mom growing up in advance to tell the girl about menstruation and personal hygiene in this period.But the self is never superfluous.

released to the blood does not leave stains on clothes, there are special hygiene products: pads and tampons.In the beginning, during menstruation, we recommend using gaskets.It is necessary to practice in advance to fix the gasket.It is quite simple, but the habit is possible and or two pads with a should always be worn.You can not guess when menstruation begins.