How to cause a delay ?

How to cause a delay ?

menstrual period in women is associated with certain disadvantages.If the beginning of the cycle coincides with some important event in your life, a woman has no choice as to cause delay in menstruation.It should be noted that the artificial delay menstruation can have serious consequences for women's health, namely - cause the body's hormonal failure.

Medications for the delay menstruation

reception number of drugs is the most simple and effective way to cause a delay in menstruation.

control pills

If a woman has already taken monophasic contraceptives, then for the delay menstruation after taking the pills from the main pack without a break you need to start taking the next pack.When you receive a three phase contraceptive pills need to continue to drink the third phase of the new packaging.

to delay the onset of menstruation women use other methods of protection against pregnancy, you can start taking monophasic oral contraceptive on any day of the cycle, but not later than 3 days prior to menstruation.Thus is formed a new offset monthly cycle, and menstruation starts a few days after receiving the package of pills.


Medicines containing the hormone progesterone are prescribed to women to increase the chances of conception and successful gestation.But with their help can also cause a delay in menstruation.This method is suitable for women not taking birth control pills.Progesterone is contained in the following formulations: Norkolut, Turinal, Primolyut.

Supplementation must begin for 3-14 days before the expected start of the menstrual cycle (depending on the required number of days of delay).Menstruation should begin 3-4 days after taking the pills.This method allows you to move the cycle by almost half.

Vitamin K

synthetically created Vitamin K is found in the drug Vikasol preparation, which belongs to the hemostatic agent and improves blood clotting.Vikasol can not completely stop the monthly, but the drug allows to make their meager and short-lived.

For this purpose, you need to start receiving funds for the week before the cycle 1 tablet 2 times a day.Vikasol is contraindicated in women with bleeding disorders.

How to cause a delay in national methods

Folk remedies for the suspension of monthly and should be used with caution.These methods are suitable delay menstruation for women with a stable menstrual cycle.

  • Vitamin C in large doses.Vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thereby reducing the amount of bleeding or there is a delay of 2-3 days.Foods containing vitamin C in high concentrations, refers parsley.Strong infusion of the plant should be taken one week before menstruation.The use of 2-3 lemons per day for 5 days may result in a delay before the start of menstruation cycle.A similar effect has ascorbic acid.
  • Broth nettle.Stinging nettle is known for its hemostatic effect.If the month did not start on time, they can be suspended for 10-12 hours with the help of a decoction of the plant.1 tbsp.spoon leaves of the plant insist in a glass of boiling water, strain and drink.On the day to take 3 cups of broth.
  • products with vitamin C. The maximum amount of natural vitamin K is contained in a water pepper.To prepare the broth 40 g.Plants (2 tbsp. Spoons), pour 500 ml boiling water, bring to a boil and protomai over low heat for 5 minutes.Broth to insist 2-3 hours, strain and take 1/3 cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.Start receiving needed for 4-5 days prior to the beginning of the cycle.