In a hospital to give birth ?

In a hospital to give birth ?

Every expectant mother long before the birth think about choosing the right hospital.Usually I worry about finding hospital beginning to worry about the woman with the thirtieth week of pregnancy.When choosing a hospital, there are several important points.For a start it must be said that every woman has the right to choose which hospital to go to give birth.Approximately at 37 weeks it should apply to the agency to sign a card exchange.


When you select should pay attention to whether the good (as obstetric and neonatal) apparatus equipped with the selected hospital and how competent experts of the institution.After all, it is important: the latest equipment, and a qualified health professional.

The choice of the hospital in which to give birth can affect the course of pregnancy, the presence of diseases and the possibility of complications.After all, in a specialized institution in a position to provide expert assistance to maternity, which are health problems without causing damage to any mother or child.

Some hospitals are allowed to freely conduct during labor, t. E. Mom can perform any movement, move on the prenatal ward, to take a bath, sit on fidbole to relieve pain.

to decide which hospital is best to give birth, it is possible to consult the forums on the Internet with young mothers.If you want to, and the pope was present at the time the baby into the world, find out if a partnership births are welcome in this establishment, how is post-natal care.

is important to know the status of living conditions, whether the Superior Chamber there.Stay in the House of paid enables the young Pope to visit his wife and child, they bring all the necessary things.

Twice a year the hospital is closed to carry out prevention and disinfection.Therefore it is necessary to ask in advance, if not the same as the date of birth and carry out these activities.

Deliveries under the contract

first advantage of such families - a confidence that you'll bear it in your chosen hospital and help you will have chosen a doctor.Also, you will be given a comfortable room.Disadvantage - the considerable cost of services.The contract can be concluded from the maternity hospital or with the insurance company.Who better to pay the money, you decide.

in the contract should be spelled out everything - from providing personal nursing services to the plasma TV in the room.Also specify the period of stay in the medical facility, list of services and procedures.

At the conclusion of the contract with the agency was not ashamed to ask for a certificate confirming the right to medical services.If you contract with the insurance company, you must provide a license to engage in health insurance.If unforeseen circumstances, the insurance company may give you a list, in which the hospital can give birth, if you choose the institution was closed.

As for the choice between the public maternity hospital and expensive private center, it is also important not to be mistaken.For expensive procedures and services can be carried out at the same level as in a conventional hospital.It happens that the medical staff "inexpensive" maternity institutions are more respectful and provide meaningful assistance and necessary in the difficult moments of concern, rather than the people who work only for the best pay raises in the center of the road.