How to get pregnant faster?

How to get pregnant faster?

you've been waiting for this moment, and finally he said: "Is not it time we, my dear, to think about the children?".What happiness for a woman to have a baby!Of course, she wants to know everything: how to get pregnant fast, how to pick the perfect time for conception, sex positions and frequency of sexual intercourse.Theoretical knowledge and helpful tips on creating an enabling environment for conception help to get pregnant faster.

How quickly get pregnant: lifestyle

As you know, thoughts are material.All our desires tend to come true, so if you want the baby internally clearly represent themselves pregnant, think about what you feel happy, you will succeed!Vera, you know, strong piece.But we should also remember that just getting stuck on this one, thinking about the negative, that you still can not get pregnant, you are moving away from their goal.So live life to the fullest and enjoy all of its manifestations, achieve goals and very soon you will become pregnant.

Stress and Pregnancy

touch on an important issue - stress.To get pregnant faster, you need to protect yourself from stress, not take everything to heart, do not worry about nothing.Even in healthy women may have problems conceiving, if it is constantly in a state of stress and nervousness.Most relax: aromatic bath in the evening, massage, soothing herbs.

Bad habits and pregnancy

Try to get rid of a bad habit, like smoking.Do not drink alcohol.Women who smoke are less likely to become pregnant.Remember that the egg of a woman appear at its birth, during the life of the new does not appear, and all toxic substances adversely affect the egg, which leads to pathologies or fetal death.

Nutrition and pregnancy

Nutrition is also an important factor affecting the ability to conceive faster.Let your diet be as many foods containing vitamin E, folic acid.Eat more vegetables, fruits, include in the diet of olive and sunflower oil.Let your menu will have more variety of cereals, bread (made of coarse flour, with cereals), nuts, legumes, yogurt (preferably organic), low-fat milk and cheese.Men provide regular consumption of fish, meat and nuts, as they help to increase sperm motility.Try to limit the flour, sweets and foods with dyes, preservatives and carcinogens.

weight and pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant fast, you need to normalize your weight.Very often, the problem with the possibility of becoming pregnant are found in too thin and too fat people.Some people lack the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the body, and someone suffers because of hormonal disorders due to excess weight.Quickly become pregnant (conceive) soon turns to those women and men whose weight does not fluctuate dramatically.

quick way to get pregnant

  • fertile period, when chances of getting pregnant highest - is 5-6 days before ovulation and one day after ovulation.Calculating the date of ovulation, measure your basal temperature.
  • conceive a child can be in any position during sexual intercourse.But you can get pregnant faster, pinning his legs to his stomach, and after ejaculation, - lifting the hips up.Women with a uterus bend better use position when the man from behind.
  • Do not use grease and lubricants.
  • Have sex once a stable for three days, so you get pregnant faster.In the days of ovulation try more often.
  • How to get pregnant quickly: folk remedies.Do decoctions and infusions of upland uterus, red and sage brush.These medicinal plants really help to get pregnant quickly.Good luck, dear women!