As the delay period?

As the delay period?

Menstruation - is a normal process for each of the fair sex.It is very important to come every month just in the same day.This indicates normal functioning of the body.However, sometimes quite inappropriately menstruation, especially if these dates are scheduled important event.But if you know how to delay menstruation, it will be possible to obtain a delay for a few days.

How to hold monthly with drugs?

Currently in medicine, there are 2 ways to delay menstruation allowed.They are often used by athletes during competition, female astronauts and actresses.Hold your menstruation can be using:

  • oral contraceptives;
  • progestins.

If contraceptives are already being taken, then postpone the "critical days" will be much easier.When the drug is monophasic, women simply do not need to take a break as soon as the pack is over, you should immediately start another.It is worth noting that in this case can be retained even contraceptive effect.When using the three-phase preparations of the new packaging is necessary to drink tablets is the third phase.That's only important to note that their effectiveness will decrease, so will need extra protection.

If a woman did not use contraceptives, then to delay menstruation, should begin to drink monophasic drug any day of the cycle.It is necessary to have time to do at least 3 days prior to the anticipated start of the "critical days".However, in this case, contraception is not guaranteed.If an important event has been known for several months, to prevent menstruation should start contraceptive use for 30 days prior to the alleged manipulation of the delay.Thus, it will be possible to hope for a good result.

to hold monthly for a few days, you can drink or drugs progestin-progestins.Usually they are used to lengthen the cycle.Drink should be at least 5 days before the scheduled date, and it is better for 2 weeks.Finish the course of their admission must be in standby last day of the "critical days", then they will begin in 1-3 days.

month delay in using folk remedies

Hold monthly possible and with the help of folk remedies.However, it is important to remember that some women they operate, while others can not help.The most effective is vitamin C in large doses for 3 days prior to the onset of menstruation.It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which reduces emissions.Vitamin preparations can be replaced by:

  • decoction of parsley;
  • lemons.

However, such an abundance of this vitamin can lead to problems with digestion.Also, this method is not suitable for those who have any gastrointestinal diseases.

When you want to suspend the beginning of menstruation for several hours, you should use a decoction of nettles.To cook it you need to pour a glass of boiling water 10 grams of raw materials.After a quarter of an hour the broth is ready for use.It should be drunk in the form of heat three times a day.Here are just using this tool often is not recommended as nettle it thickens the blood.

suspend the menstrual cycle can be with the help of vitamin K and plant in which it is contained.It can be water pepper.To prepare the broth must be 40 grams of dry raw pour 500 ml of boiling water.Then all this is put on the fire and boil for 5 minutes.Decoction should insist 3:00.Take 30 minutes before meals for 4 days prior to the onset of menstruation.