Until what time do abortion?

Until what time do abortion?

Unfortunately, not all pregnancy is a welcome and joyous event, it often ends in abortion.We will not consider the ethical side of the issue, and talk about how long to do abortion, because it affects the health of women and the possibility in the future to have children.In this regard, two important truths:

  • The sooner, the better.
  • appeal to a specialized clinic, and the inadmissibility of "handicraft" abortion methods.


Types There are several types of abortions carried out depending on the duration of your pregnancy.

  1. medical abortion.It is made up to 5 weeks under strict medical supervision (with compulsory ultrasound).The patient takes the drug designated physician, which the fertilized egg is killed and removed from the uterus naturally.If the uterus is weakened, then additionally appointed agents that cause uterine contractions.This method is the most gentle for the patient.
  2. Mini abortion or vacuum aspiration.Made up of 7 weeks.This method is also considered gentle, so when it is carried out by vacuum suction ovum, resulting in the risk of uterine injury is very low.
  3. Surgical abortion.Until a week doing this operation?Typically, up to 12 weeks.He is the most harmful to women, since after the maximum number of complications up to infertility.It is produced by mechanically scraping the ovum special tool, like a loop.
  4. Artificial birth.Conducted up to 24 weeks.After that, the fetus is considered viable.They are conducted solely for medical reasons and only in a hospital.

indications for artificial birth are:

  1. violation fetus incompatible with life;
  2. risk to health, and often life mother;
  3. rape;
  4. her husband's death;
  5. imprisonment;
  6. spontaneous abortion or miscarriage.It happens without desire for women and anyone medical intervention.Miscarriage often require therapeutic and psychological treatment, even a failed mother.The reasons can be:
    • abnormalities in child development, incompatible with life;
    • hormonal disorders;
    • various heavy mother's infection;
    • strong psychological stress or physical trauma (eg fall);
    • violation of uterine structures, etc.

Precise knowledge of how long to do abortion, will help you understand what the consequences may be at risk in case of delayed seeking care and avoid them.If the pregnancy is unplanned, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.