How to live with HIV?

diagnosis of HIV for many is a big shock, but not a reason to give up.People want to know how to live with HIV further.HIV infection - this is not a sentence of death.HIV infection is now viewed as a chronic disease, but only if the disease is diagnosed early and treated infected successive passes.

How long are living with HIV

situation has improved after the introduction of combination therapy.Experts say that HIV-positive people taking antiretroviral drugs, can live more than a decade.Despite the strong side effects of medications, a state of immunity is improved significantly.Even when HIV diagnosis people can look to the future and not lose faith.

As people are living with HIV

Remember that a full life is impossible without self-esteem.Contempt for oneself can be easily seen by people around you.Try to get rid of negative thoughts and imagine what would happen if the strike your HIV status?

HIV-positive people in the same way as healthy can be educated, to learn a profession and to retire.

More recently, HIV-positive people were unable to have children, but today the family planning with HIV is quite real.The probability that a child infected by HIV-positive mothers is less than one percent.The main key to a healthy child is a strict adherence to preventive measures.Buy HIV child may in the womb, during birth and during breast-feeding.To reduce the risk of HIV transmission from mother to child patient, a pregnant woman takes antiretroviral therapy and do at childbirth cesarean section.That's what every pregnant woman should get tested for HIV.If a woman would be HIV-positive, she should immediately contact the service center for HIV-positive pregnant women.HIV-positive mother is not recommended to breastfeed, becausebreast milk may cause transmission.

HIV-positive people should observe a number of rules of safe sex and behavior.So they can protect against infection, not only their loved ones, but also themselves.After all, other infections can greatly affect the process of HIV treatment and have an adverse effect on the immune system.