How to get rid of monthly ?

How to get rid of monthly ?

Nature has created us so that women throughout the period of sexual maturity are monthly bleeding.The uterus each month prepares for conception, and if it does not happen, the epithelial cells, ready to accept a fertilized egg, excreted from the body with a certain amount of blood.

All this is natural and understandable, but some of the fair sex, this process seems to be extremely unpleasant for various reasons: too heavy bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen, weakness and headache - this is not a complete list of all the women's "joys" in thisperiod.And, of course, that sometimes comes to mind is the question of how to get rid of monthly.

How to get rid of monthly - advice

Indeed, from the month for a while, you can get rid of.Nature has given us such an opportunity - a period of pregnancy and feeding upon it.Taking advantage of this completely natural way, you can forget about menstruation for a couple - three years.

There are cases (vacation or a wedding), when such trouble, as the month, well, quite inappropriately.It can help doctors.The gynecologist will recommend suitable for you hormonal contraceptives, the reception of which may postpone the problem for a month - another.He will also explain how to take the drug: one pack for another or a second package worth taking with any particular issue - pills.After discontinuation of hormone all processes in the body to resume again.

course, there is another way, but to follow it is dangerous not only for health, but also for life in general.You can lose weight very much up to the state of anorexia.Then monthly will disappear by themselves, but it threatens the complete exhaustion of the body, infertility and even death.I think any sensible girl or woman would not dare get rid of the monthly manner.

pain during menstruation.How to get rid of it

If regular bleeding deliver you pain and other discomfort, you can try to get rid of the pain itself.

You can take painkillers.They are so many pharmacies that choose the right must have a method of trial and error.Having at hand the tablet, you can quickly win is not very severe pain in the lower abdomen.If the pain is unbearable, you should, of course, consult your doctor.Remember, self-medication is fraught with dangerous consequences!

Discomfort clean hormonal oral medications, again designated strictly gynecologists, not bought on the advice of a girlfriend.They will help to establish the whole process and make less painful periods.

Get rid of the pain and helps change the image of a woman's life.It is necessary to enroll in the gym, and it is better in the pool.Training will help strengthen the muscles of the whole body and abdomen in particular.It is necessary to introduce in the diet of more plant foods, fish and foods rich in vitamins.

How to get rid of the smell of menstruation

In addition to pain, menstruation is also annoying in terms of hygiene.Many girls unpleasant odor during menstruation.Indeed, there is a slight smell, but you can get rid of it, observing all the rules of personal hygiene, using special scented pads and tampons if you use, the odor is generally no.Many, by the way, to exaggerate the problem, often the smell does not feel anybody but yourself.

If the natural smell of menstrual discharge mixed with some stranger, for example, acidic, consult a gynecologist to cure the disease.

And, in general, my dear girl, do not be so hung up on the month.They are given to us by nature in order that we may be able to bear children.And it is inevitable, that is accepted as fact.And all the unpleasant moments and problems can be solved by approaching them wisely.