How are infected with AIDS ?

How are infected with AIDS ?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) - a virus that undermines immunity - protection of the human body system.The disease, which is caused by HIV, called HIV.AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome) HIV doctors were called in those days, the code did not know that the cause of the disease is a virus.In fact, AIDS - this is the last and most severe stage of HIV infection when cases arise lethal irreversible defeat.This is described in detail in the article on our website: How HIV is transmitted.Put simply, if HIV-positive, seriously ill, it means that he has developed AIDS.To prevent infection and the development of a serious illness, you need to know about how you can get AIDS.

As infected with AIDS:

transmission path of becoming infected with HIV from other people who have been infected previously.This can happen in several ways:

  1. through unprotected sex.This is the most common route of transmission of the infection.
  2. Through blood.If HIV infected blood enters the body of a healthy person.This can happen if a blood transfusion from an infected donor, by using medical instruments (needles, syringes, and other), which left blood infected with HIV.Such contamination often happens among people taking intravenous drugs.In addition, infection through blood and possibly in hospitals that do not comply with all the rules of disinfection.
  3. HIV from infected pregnant mother - her child.This congenital HIV infection in a child is progressing much faster than adults.Recent studies have shown that half of all children born to HIV-AIDS may develop as early as 3-6 years old.

about infection symptoms described in the article - What are the symptoms of AIDS.

How not to get AIDS

Each person needs to adhere to certain rules, in order to avoid the risk of infection.Namely:

  1. refrain from promiscuity.It should also be borne in mind that prostitutes always have a greater risk of getting and transmitting HIV.
  2. Care for condoms.At any intimate date, especially with unfamiliar people, it is necessary to use condoms.This will not only prevent pregnancy, but also to avoid possible contamination.
  3. Do not use drugs.Drug dependent person, do not even consider themselves as such, are subject to very high risk of HIV infection.To prevent infection with the virus, the addict must always use a disposable syringe or a personal (not lend it to anyone), as well as the drug solution to boil, cook and wash your dose in a syringe individual dishes.As a rule, none of these measures are not observed, which leads to infection and the spread of HIV among drug addicts.
  4. Always practice good hygiene.Use only proven hospitals, nail and tattoo parlors.

Knowing how to become infected with AIDS really, you can not avoid contact with HIV-infected people.It is important to remember that, for example, by shaking hands or by droplets can not be infected with AIDS.