How to wake up on the pregnancy registry ?

How to wake up on the pregnancy registry ?

Pregnancy - is a serious and responsible.Once you realize that it has come, it is necessary to go to the doctor to witness this fact officially.When all of the storm about the upcoming motherhood poutihnut emotions, you need to think about how to get up on the pregnancy registry.No need to listen to those who say that there is nothing before the time to go to hospitals.Now you are responsible not only for themselves but also for the lives and health of your child.

where there is a pregnant woman

This can be done in a clinic in the community or in a paid private hospital.The clinic with you will require a passport and insurance policy necessary for the provision of free medical services.If it has no such future mom, over methods and analyzes it will have to pay the most.

In its observations in the hospital there are pluses:

  • it's free;
  • there is your card that lists all your former sores and handed over analyzes;
  • you know your doctor and you can choose the one who, as the saying goes, you most likable.

In the private medical center, you also pay for all services out of pocket.Ask only the first will give you if this center exchange card and birth certificate, if you stand on account of them.

get up on account of when and how

reregister better before 12 weeks of pregnancy.In this period you can determine exactly how many weeks pregnant you can identify and treat various diseases, and even get a small monetary reward.If suddenly you have any sharp pain in the lower abdomen or vaginal bleeding, urgent need to call an ambulance, regardless of whether you are stood on the account or not.

The first reception of the doctor is to prepare thoroughly.Admission will be long, and inquiries are an addiction.If you get up on the account is not where treated to this, you should take with a medical records, test results, doctors' reports about your chronic diseases.The more obstetrician know about your health, the more correct will be made up of doing your pregnancy.Do not hide from your doctor such unpleasant facts as abortion, sexually transmitted diseases transferred or miscarriages.

Then you will examine on a chair to determine the size of the uterus and take a swab;Refine your weigh and height, to know how much you'll need to put on weight for the current 9 months.You will measure the size of the pelvis, to clarify whether its restriction.At the end of

designate certain tests and will be given a list of doctors who need to check pregnant.Do not worry if you will be offered to lie in a hospital.Do not give up, think first of all about the child.At the hospital, there is nothing wrong, and my mother will not hurt a week to lie down in a quiet environment, away from the frantic pace of modern life.

Future moms, to be registered in time, follow all prescribed by your doctor, take care of yourself, and then you will be born a healthy baby, and all the burdens associated with the clinics and hospitals immediately forgotten in that moment, when you see and take onthe hands of her own baby.Believe me, it's worth it.

Now you know how to get up on the pregnancy registry.Health to you and your future children!