How to choose a bandage ?

How to choose a bandage ?

bandage - a very useful thing for pregnant women.It makes easier to carry the pregnancy, especially in the last few months, because it supports the stomach and prevents premature descent of the fetus.But the views of physicians in this issue are divided.Choose for yourself such an option that is right for you.In this article we will look at what bands are and how to choose it.

Types of tires and their characteristics

  • Prenatal bandage tape (belt).It is a kind of elastic band or belt with a flexible connection, it completely covers the entire abdomen from above and prevents the formation of stretch marks.There is a model with three valves by which to adjust the size.The advantage of this model is that it is possible without removing the bandage, change the value.This zone is now very popular because you can zip up standing or lying down.Bandage-wearing tape recommended for pregnant women in the second trimester, as in early pregnancy tummy is still small and it will be fixed bad.
  • Prenatal bandage pants - pants are normal for pregnant women in which the enclosing tight flexible tape-belt.The effectiveness of such belt lies in its width.Bandage can be of different colors, shapes and patterns.The disadvantage is that this type of bandage is worn as underwear, which will need to constantly wash.It is also necessary to fix it in a horizontal position, that quite inconvenient if you are not at home.We can also add that during pregnancy, a woman necessarily gaining weight, and the band can rub the skin.You now have an idea of ​​how to choose prenatal bandage and whether to buy it at all.
  • Combined and universal pre- and postnatal bandage.The name itself suggests that this band can be worn after childbirth.He has a special double-sided belt with Velcro, which both sides are heavy enough and one wider than the other side.The narrow side of the bandage button up during pregnancy, and the general fixed stomach after giving birth.If a woman during pregnancy disturbs the spin, then this band is a must, as it perfectly supports the back.Even after delivery, times are deploying forward wide side, fix and thus slimming the stomach.This type of belt is practical and economical.But there is a small minus.In the summer it can be clearly seen under clothing, and velcro can ruin clothes.
  • Postpartum band pant.Here we can distinguish corset panties, shorts and bermudas grace.All of these species have a paste, which pulls the stomach area.Some models are made with the bottom and side buckles, thus maintaining the abdominal cavity.The difference between the underpants and grace corset is that in the first embodiment, the waist higher.This gives an optimal pressure for the abdominal muscles because the corset has different lengths of bone.About Bermuda can say is that they help to hide some problematic figure area.They run the entire length of the thighs and reaching to the knees.
  • Postpartum band-belt (belt).This type is ideal for women after cesarean section.Because he has an elastic band, the size of 15-30 cm, which is perfectly pulls the stomach.There are some models that have sewn inside the bone, they even protect the bandage from changes in shape during use.The belt also has a Velcro fastening.

How to choose a band for pregnant

consider what you should pay attention to, what to consider when choosing.

  • first factor when choosing a band - goal.First of all, it is necessary to clearly define for themselves the need for a bandage.If times are needed in order to avoid the formation of stretch marks, it is one thing.And if there are complications in pregnancy and a bandage can help these problems, then it is another matter.In the first embodiment can be obtained without the help of experts.And second, do without a doctor's advice does not work, because it better not to take risks here.
  • second selection factor - this is from what made the bandage.The best choice for pregnant women - a bandage made of cotton.Especially in the summer, when the skin needs to breathe freely.It should be noted that such bandages are more expensive synthetic.
  • third aspect in choosing the band - is the body's structure and taste.Among the various types and forms of belts, there is such as a bandage skirt.Choose for yourself such what you will advise the doctor, and in which you feel comfortable.Take this responsibility because you have to wear a bandage for a long time.
  • fourth feature select band for pregnant women - results fittings.How to choose the size of the band?It is easy enough, should not rely solely on the size of which is indicated on the label.It is necessary to try for yourself.Only it should be done lying down, because standing stomach goes down under the weight of pressure.And when you put on a bandage, the stomach is not supported, and squeezed.
  • fifth selection criterion - it buckles.Pay attention to the way the band is fastened.Throughout pregnancy, tummy will grow in size.Therefore, fasteners must be suitable for self-fastening and should not rub.
  • Another useful tip.By asking yourself the question, what kind of bandage is best suited, do not try to save money and buy such recommendations to which it is written that it is right for you both during pregnancy and after.Many already know that prenatal bandage is practically not suitable for pregnant and postpartum is crucial feature of an organism.

How to wear a bandage

general rule - it should be worn on the underwear, lying on his back.Locking must be such that between the belt and the stomach easily slipped female hand.If done correctly, then the band will not cause pain, squeezing the stomach and cause discomfort.Always be in the bandage is not recommended.Every three hours take a break for half an hour.

Since the band will be worn for a long time, and then be stored, it is important to properly care for it:

  • can not be washed in the washing machine belt, only hands with soap and warm water;
  • bandage should dry yourself, do not need to twist and apply other methods for drying;
  • in any case can not be ironed shroud.

In this article we have tried to answer the question of how to choose the right band as it put on and wear.After reviewing all the advice on the acquisition, it is advisable to consult a doctor, who you control as wearing a bandage may be contraindicated or it is not necessary.We wish you a successful choice band for pregnant women!