How to get pregnant for sure?

How to get pregnant for sure?

Our life is cyclical.If all processes are correct, without fail, it is possible to pre-select the best time for a particular case.This means that we can calculate the most favorable time for conception and the long-awaited baby.Female body - an amazing thing, and how to get pregnant for sure, he knows better than all the doctors in the world.

in women of reproductive age in the middle of each cycle, the ovary mature egg is released, and it is because it can arise a new life.This process is called ovulation.Of course, without my father's help we can not do - the egg should be fertilized by sperm, and only then begin to develop a new life.Men's sperm, while in the female body, lived about five days, and female germ cells are active for five days before ovulation and 15 hours thereafter.Because the most ideal time for conception - a few days before and during ovulation.If you are wondering how to get pregnant for sure, it is very important not to miss this moment.

Since each of us has its own length of the menstrual cycle (some have 24 days, others 32 days), then the ovulation period should be calculated individually.There are several methods for determining ovulation, dwell on them in detail.

indirect method of determining ovulation

woman during ovulation may experience the following changes: pain in the abdomen and lower back, increased libido, improved mood, increased secretions (they become stringy, like raw egg white).

temperature method for determining ovulation

the day of ovulation in the female body increases the hormone progesterone content, because of this, the temperature is increased by an average of 0.6 s.The temperature measurement should be performed at least 3 months every day in the morning, in the same time without getting up from bed.Thermometer must enter the 2 cm into the rectum and after 5-7 minutes to fix the readings.Before ovulation, the temperature is usually 36,5-36,7S, after it - 37,0-37,2S.One day before the start of the temperature increase, and will be the day of ovulation.This method should not be used for women who take hormones.

Calendar method of determining ovulation

If regular menstruation, the egg cell matures in the middle of a cycle, that is necessary to divide the number of days in the cycle 2. Also keep in mind that sperm live in the woman's body for 3-5 days, and egg dayafter ovulation.So, to the best days for conception are added 4 more days before ovulation and one day after.For example, if the cycle is 28 days, then the range of successful days for conception expanded from 9 to 18-day cycle.

But ovulation can be influenced by many factors (medications, stress, abnormal weather conditions, etc.), so when menstruation becomes irregular, accurate diagnosis of ovulation on the calendar method is not possible.

tests ovulation

These tests are similar to those that diagnose pregnancy.Contacting the urine or saliva test strips change color.The method should be used for 5-6 days prior to ovulation as possible.If a positive result is obtained, then ovulation will occur the next day.However, these tests may be errors, so this method is recommended in combination with other methods.

Ultrasonic monitoring

This is one of the most accurate methods for determining ovulation, and spend it in the clinic for 6-7 days after menstruation.With the help of ultrasound sensor observed in some ovarian follicles mature and reveal the expected date of ovulation.But often use this method is not advised, because of frequent ultrasound may fail in the process of ovulation.

And finally, one piece of advice for those who do not know how to get pregnant for sure: if you really want a baby, it will happen, the main thing - believe that a miracle will happen!