How to choose a maternity hospital ?

How to choose a maternity hospital ?

Maternity Hospital - a medical institution in which there is one of the most difficult and complex processes - birth.When prosperous flow of labor, woman and child should spend in the hospital under the supervision of doctors from three to five days.Good hospital provides the most comfortable conditions for the pregnant woman.Therefore, it is important to approach the issue regarding how to choose the hospital.

Before you choose a hospital, it is necessary to get acquainted with the staff obstetrician, a doctor, who will watch the woman in childbirth during the last days of pregnancy and childbirth.It is desirable that labor took the same physician or that he was present at the birth.Staff - an important criterion for the choice of the hospital, because the communication affects the emotional state of a pregnant woman, and this is very important for new mothers.

Another important selection criterion is the hospital's reputation.Of course, it belongs to the category of subjective, but if you hear from all sides of the positive or negative feedback about a particular hospital, probably, it is worth paying attention to it.Read the forums (or ask a question yourself there), ask around with friends (and perhaps unfamiliar) mothers who gave birth in a particular hospital.Usually held moms will be happy to answer.

Criteria for selecting hospital

factors affecting it, choose a hospital, a sufficient amount.Here are the most basic:

  1. Check in hospital adult and pediatric intensive care.
  2. Availability department of blood transfusion and monitoring.
  3. Availability department of anesthesia needed to numb the birth process.It is especially necessary during caesarean section.
  4. Availability separation continuous monitoring of changes in the state of the mother and fetus.
  5. Be sure to check the conditions of pre-natal department.Inspect the condition of the chambers, especially its cleanliness and comfort;where the number of seats;Learn about the features of the personnel in the department and the list of permitted items in the room.And also specify a list of necessary - you need to take out of the house (eg, heater or other appliances).
  6. necessary to check the conditions of the delivery room - the presence of modern equipment required for complex delivery of equipment, etc.
  7. Ask whether the presence of an orchestra is permissible at birth (or other relatives, friends).
  8. Read the postpartum department - the possibility of joint residence with the child;look and feel of the chambers;the level of service of staff.It is important to check for in the House of shower and toilet.Ask which of the health workers responsible for what, who to contact in case of need.
  9. Check the condition of the children's department - the availability of qualified personnel, in the first place.In this case, you need to collect as much information about the medical staff handling the newborn, the quality of their work and so forth.
  10. Also check the availability of special hospital wards where patients are unexplored and women with infectious diseases.
  11. also important to check the availability of additional services - various options for anesthesia, particularly epidural and;. The possibility of visiting the on-demand, etc. Find out if there is a need, will it be possible to choose the type of delivery - vertical, water birth, etc .;whether there are appropriate conditions for their implementation.
  12. Patients with serious health problems should take into account the specifics of the hospital, because the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, renal disease, or in the case of Rh-conflict, woman in childbirth should be sent to the profile hospital.They are highly specialized doctors who are able to provide expert assistance in each individual case.But this happens only in large cities.And where there is the possibility of sending in a hospital there, you need to insure, stating their diagnosis the doctors so they can provide appropriate help your case or were ready to attract specialists in related sections.
  13. deciding what is the most good hospital, it is important to clarify the question of payment of medical and other services.You must decide in advance whether you will give birth, using only one insurance, or you use the services of additional service.In general, it makes sense to advance to count the total amount of money that you are willing to stay in the nursing home.And this question is best left to other family members - her husband or parents, becauseThis additional stress, which can greatly affect the state of health of the expectant mother.In any case, you need to get acquainted with the prices of basic and additional services the hospital beforehand, and to decide all together.
  14. about the reputation of the hospital, we have already mentioned above.Perhaps this is not a fundamental factor of choice, but to take into account such information is necessary.Also it is necessary to find out the reputation and chosen doctor who will monitor the health of mothers, and those who will directly take delivery becausesometimes even in the most elite and expensive institution can operate unscrupulous doctors who can make medical errors.Read reviews of the work of each of the doctors to find out about the opportunity to meet with them personally, and make an informed choice.

Now you know what you should pay attention when choosing a maternity hospital.largely Terms of preparation for childbirth affect the success of their passage.Remember that the physical and emotional comfort of pregnant women in many ways affect the birth process.