How to wear a bandage for pregnant women?

How to wear a bandage for pregnant women?

The fact that you need to wear a bandage, women usually begin to think in the last months of pregnancy, however, experts strongly advise to wear it much earlier, to reduce the load on the spine.

Who needs a bandage

If you are interested in how to properly wear a bandage, first you need to decide what it's all you need.It is necessary to wear special clothes when there are medical indications, namely:

  • back pain;
  • cervical underdeveloped (there is a threat of termination of pregnancy);
  • weak abdominal muscles, in connection with which there is a low position of the fetus;
  • presence of uterine scar from a previous caesarean section;
  • bearing of twins or triplets (in this case there is a particularly large load on the spine).

Generally, a bandage is recommended for pregnant women, when the time reaches 22-30 weeks.But the gynecologist can prescribe it and later to bandage not replace the work of their own muscles.We put on a bandage

How to wear a bandage for pregnant women how to wear it, so as not to harm your body?The desired size will help you choose a doctor, for this it will measure the circumference of the abdomen in the navel area.Also, a doctor will show exactly how to put on a bandage, because the illustration on the package may not always be correct or understandable.

tries on the bandage should be lying down, so it will be easier to feel the pubic bone.In general, the process is similar to wrapping donning loincloth.Note - band should go on the bottom of the buttocks, at the same place entirely under the belly, hips and rest against the pubic bone in front to capture.To avoid discomfort, the doctor will adjust the model.The bandage should not be too tight and not too weak.But, as you know, to the extent that, as the belly grows, you need to adjust the degree of tension.When you learn how to adjust the straps, you can perform all of this procedure while standing.

Doctors warn - in spite of the popular opinion that the bandages protect against stretch marks, but in reality it is not so.Stretch marks appear because of hormonal changes and reduce the elasticity of the skin.Bandage and this unfortunately can not influence.If you want to learn more about how to wear a bandage for pregnant women, check out our other article, which is located here - "How to wear a bandage for pregnant women?".

How long to wear a bandage

Once you start to wear it, walk in it up to the birth.In particular this applies to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, or spends a lot of time on their feet.There are physicians who do not recommend wearing a bandage longer than three hours, but if it is perfect for you and does not interfere, can be done without interruption.

Bandage postpartum

How to wear a bandage after giving birth?If you have given birth by caesarean section, you can not do without additional support.Immediately after surgery, put on a bandage, and go to him the next forty days.However, the need to shroud after childbirth better clarified in the antenatal clinic or a specialist at the hospital.You will definitely prompt if a bandage is needed in your case, and if required, recommend the appropriate model.