How to win a man Gemini ?

How to win a man Gemini ?

day you met a man who conquered your heart.According to the sign of the zodiac it - Gemini.How to win it?What do I need to do?If you are even slightly believe in astrology, and the fact that people born under different signs of the zodiac, are endowed with certain qualities that our article would be useful for you.So today we'll talk about how to win the heart of male twins.

man Gemini.How to win his

Gemini Men love to be the center of attention.This man - the soul of the company, it shines with wit, tells interesting stories.Of course, such a man can easily captivate a woman.But how to capture it?The main thing to remember - Gemini hates the monotony and routine.Therefore, if you want to win it, then try to constantly change, be unpredictable.Man Gemini will prefer an intelligent, outgoing, outspoken woman than a closed and passive.If you blesnesh in front of him with his intellect, he is required to pay attention to you.He loves to debate with a woman as an equal, where everyone can express their opinion and defend it by reasonable arguments.Man Gemini never love silly, near the woman with whom it is impossible to discuss any issue.If you do not possess a brilliant mind, do not despair!You can do the accumulation of new knowledge on different subjects, or those of his most interested in.That will be quite enough.But do not push his erudition - Gemini Man should still feel as smart as you.For the Twin ideal woman should be a good friend, a clever conversationalist and a hot lover.If you will be able to combine these three qualities, it will be yours forever.

The intimate life of Gemini can not stand routine.Want to win a Gemini man is in bed?Then, experiment!Do not forsake his unexpected proposal in sex.Itself take the initiative and ingenuity.The more spontaneity and novelty will be in private life, the more man Gemini will descend on you crazy.

Remember, Gemini is very freedom-loving creatures.The worst thing you can do - restrict his freedom.Then he hastened to sever all ties with you and fly away like a bird out of the cage.If you really want to win a Gemini man and to establish a lasting relationship with him, it should not be even a hint of possessiveness!No screening calls, claims report, which was no restriction of freedom.If he really trusts you, then he will tell all.If not, your persistence will lead to a rapid separation.It is clear that many women are not satisfied with this state of affairs, but what to do, so they are - twins.You'll have to come to terms with its independence, but in it there is also a definite plus - and he will give you the same freedom and will not be very hard to control.

How to win a man's heart Gemini?Develop a certain quality, which are important for the Gemini: be inventive, unpredictable, with great imagination, intellectual, sociable, sincere, spontaneous, cheerful, with a sense of humor.Twins do not like women too seriously restricting freedom, boring, ever criticize, do not share his enthusiasm.

Now you know all about the man Gemini: how to win him how to win, how to become the woman of his dreams.Good luck to you!