How to wear a bandage ?

How to wear a bandage ?

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How to wear a bandage?

bandage is designed to reduce the burden imposed on the back of a woman during pregnancy.Very often, expectant mothers, the question arises, how to wear a bandage and whether it is necessary to use it.Consider this question in more detail.


Bandage is indicated for back pain, cesarean section, the appearance of hernias, stretch abdominal muscles, osteochondrosis, and pain in the hip joint.Before you decide, it is necessary to wear a bandage or not, we should define the model.There are three types of band: universal belt-belt and a bandage tape.The most important factor in selecting a band size.It is important to consult on this matter with your doctor, since selecting a bandage wrong, you risk not only their health, but also the health of the child.

shown wearing bandage around 5 months of pregnancy.Note that selecting the bandage, it is recommended to give their preference for the so-called pre-natal bandages, besides them, there are postpartum and combined.However, the version of the combined good band can cost quite expensive.

Bandage be sure to wear to women who during pregnancy remain active.Otherwise great risk of developing diseases of the spine, as well as the occurrence of hernias.Bandage enough to wear for a half hour every three hours.

Contraindications to wear a bandage

  1. kidney disease;
  2. gastrointestinal disease;
  3. Skin diseases.

is strongly recommended to wear a bandage for those suffering from varicose disease, since it reduces the risk of its development.

Consider the above types of tires and their features in more detail.

Types band

Bondage Belt

Bandage-belt is an elastic belt having fastening the lower abdomen or the side.It can be adjusted by tightening or relaxing.This band leaves the stomach open and allows the skin to breathe easy.Choosing a band, be sure to see how resilient he is.Having tried it, you should feel the ease, rather than a contraction in the abdomen.Pay attention to the quality of the material.If you think times are rough on sensation, then it is made of low-quality components.

bandage tape

bandage tape is a conventional elastic band.In essence, the band looks like cowards, but when selected it is necessary to pay attention to the tape: the tape wider in order to be comfortable.

Universal bandage

Universal bandage is made in the form of a belt and has a tough catches.During pregnancy, you need to wear a bandage on the broad side of the front, after birth it can be worn on the broad side of the back.

general rule for selection of any type of bandage is to measure the girth of thighs, it should be noted that many manufacturers use a mesh size not only the circumference of the hips, and waist.They may also be used and weight increase.

How to wear a bandage pregnant

Now consider in more detail how to wear a bandage.Wear bandage should be through the legs like shorts.It is not recommended to wear a bandage standing.In this case, there is a risk to put on a bandage properly and only increase the burden on his back.To put it better, being in a horizontal position.If you have the opportunity, ask someone to help you.

first time wearing a brace can be uncomfortable, but for 2-3 days, you already have to get used to your bandage.If this does not happen and the feeling of discomfort does not disappear, you should change the lock, or consult a doctor.Please note that the bandage should be used when you are awake.Do not sleep in the shroud or simply relax, it is also not recommended to carry out meal.Do not forget that over time can weaken the tie clips, so you may during the period of pregnancy will have to change at least one band.

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