Could be wrong ultrasound ?

Could be wrong ultrasound ?

Almost all expectant mothers will certainly want to know the sex of their unborn child.Some people immediately begin to buy a dowry for a daughter or son's future, others are coming up with the name of the third make repairs in the nursery in the appropriate colors.In general, knowledge of the sex of their child will be very important for the parents.Most pinpoint boy you will have a girl or perhaps a period of about 17-20 weeks of pregnancy.Previously see the floor is possible, but is unlikely to be accurate.

diagnosing pregnancy, ultrasound may be mistaken?Here's what else care expectant mothers in the early stages.If the research carried out too early, up to 5 weeks of the alleged pregnancy, the ultrasound may be wrong, not making out the embryo.However, by 10 weeks of pregnancy can be installed up to date.However, it happens that the doctors can not accurately determine the gestational age, and this is very important, because doctors need to make sure that there are no missed abortion or delay in fetal development.

to the doctor for an ultrasound moms come with great hope the procedure, but sometimes it happens that the US does not correctly determine the gestational age or sex of the child.So can the US be wrong?It happens, however, what causes these errors?

reasons ultrasound

mistakes In fact, these reasons a little, because ultrasound is now considered sufficiently reliable method of diagnosis.

  1. reason may be obsolete equipment, which is no longer required sensitivity.
  2. Do not ignore the human factor.With the lack of the skill of conducting the survey, the error may also occur.
  3. determine the sex of the child, whether the ultrasound wrong?This is indeed possible, if the child does not turn face-to-monitor or closed handles.In addition, between his legs can take the umbilical cord, which is also hiding from doctors the sex of the baby.

whether ultrasound is often wrong?Basically, if you are conducting a study in the proven ultrasound-office, in a clinic or a large diagnostic center, the possibility of errors is minimized.If the expert doubts what will be the sex of your baby, he will tell you about it and offer to view sex the baby at the next scheduled inspection.

main thing is that in the US were just revealed various deviations, if they are, of course, there's the threat of termination of pregnancy and other extremely dangerous trouble to be able to save your unborn baby.A boy is born to you or the girl, it is not so important.After all, some parents do not want to know about the sex of their baby.So the main thing to birth went well, and the child was born healthy.