How to conceive twins?

How to conceive twins?

conceived child - is a complex and quite a long way male sperm to the female egg.During the period of one menstrual cycle matures usually one female egg, and therefore conceive twins almost impossible.This conception - rare and occurs independently of our desires.There are three options for conceiving twins:

  • when mature and are fertilized two eggs;
  • when one egg is fertilized by two sperm;
  • when one fertilized egg at a very early stage is divided into two, and as a result are born identical twins.

twins are born usually in those couples who have a relative already has twins.But there are wonderful occasions when families, which previously never had twins, they were born.This is a great mystery of nature, in which modern scholars have found an opportunity to intervene.

How to conceive twins - advice

to treat female infertility by use of ovulation stimulation.When it received drugs that stimulate egg growth.They give your body a boost, and the answer is often the maturation of several women's eggs during one menstrual cycle.Conception of twins increases several times, but it does not give full confidence in the final result.

If you have a dream to have twins, its implementation can help to artificial insemination.In this case, too, a woman takes drugs to stimulate the growth of eggs, which are extracted from the woman's body for later fertilization.It must be remembered that the process of extracting and storing in vitro can result in the loss of the egg, and therefore more of them, the higher the probability of conceiving children.In the uterus several fertilized eggs are introduced to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.Thus it is possible to conceive twins.Although there are cases of conceiving triplets or even more children.A positive aspect in this case is the ability to leave a mother's request only one embryo, and to remove the rest of the uterus.

main thing in this issue - remember that your own attempts to conceive twins can lead to very serious consequences.If you want to increase the percentage of the birth of the twins, the best way is to contact the experts in this field.Very important is the proper selection of drugs and especially dosage.An overdose of these drugs can cause significant harm to the body - from bleeding to ovarian cysts.

Many parents before conception are already dreaming of a boy or girl and confidently go to the purpose.And how to conceive twins, boys?Predict, you are born boys and girls, it is impossible, but to increase the odds in one direction or another as possible.When artificial insemination is a lot easier.For the appearance of the boy in the light of the Y-chromosome needed men, and girls - X-chromosome.

During Y-chromosome fertilization faster, but it is less tenacious, and X-chromosome - on the contrary.But doctors proved that if a very strong and hard work on the conception of 10 to 18 days after the onset of menstruation, you should get the boys.