How to win a man Libra ?

How to win a man Libra ?

In order to win the man Libra you just need to become a shadow of his second, supporting it in all cases of life.This label provides the constant indecision and wool-gathering.Rather in the dreamy illusions.But this does not mean that you constantly have to "pull" it from his world of dreams and return to the earth sinful.Since your partner very romantic and lover of beautiful things, you must also be inherent in these qualities.He appreciates art and poetry.Therefore, if your choice has fallen on the representative of this zodiac sign, you also have to take an interest in various forms of art, and all beautiful.This will give him great pleasure.Arrange often dating and meeting with a man Libra - he strongly support you, because it is his favorite pastime.It is very beautiful can care for women.

Aesthetics and discreet in his blood.In addition, he is also a very well brought up, as a rule.Very strongly developed sense of tact not to allow him to be rude and speak foul language against someone.Do not refer to it with arrogance or flatter him what he's good.It is for honest relationship, and sincerity.If you want to enter into his confidence, speak honestly and openly.Although at times he can not make out what you flatter him.But if it is still open, it will be very disappointed, and will do its best to try to avoid contact with you.

How to win a man's heart scales?What not to do so is to point to its shortcomings and criticize.Like any other person, they had, of course, there is.But being the kind vulnerable, he will experience in itself is very painful.A innate sense of tact would not allow him to answer you the same.

As a true connoisseur of all the beautiful, natural, man Libra loves beautiful women.He can not afford to fall in love at first sight.But this love is more likely in the outer beauty.Therefore, to impress this man zodiac sign can be an elegant outfit with beautiful accessories.But remember, to win the heart of man Libra, you need to be around him sovetchitsey good and faithful companion.And in any case do not put pressure on him in making any decisions.Even if they concern some insignificant at first glance, things.For Libra any decision is given with difficulty, since they constantly weigh the "pros" and "cons."So often the phrase "do not know" becomes a favorite answer to the question for them.To some extent, you have to push it a little bit and help, so that he made the right decision.But do not overdo it!The final selection of its decision of the question he must make himself, as difficult as it is not given.Easily can get out so that he, in order not to disappoint you take your side.But then understand that this decision was wrong for him.Again, because of the tact not be able to tell you about it and will experience a his indecision.

In general, if you have decided to conquer the man Libra, then you have to often take the initiative in their own hands, to the development of your relationship was not tightened.If you have already prepared for this, you can safely do to make him an offer of marriage.In this way you will only help him, and I think that he will not refuse.