How to dress for pregnant women ?

How to dress for pregnant women ?

Every girl thought arises on a daily basis that it is now put.But a pregnant woman is a difficult decision begins to visit more often.In fact, during pregnancy, increases the breast, belly growing, which is no longer fit into regular clothes.Therefore there is an urgent need to make changes to your wardrobe settled.But it does not remain secret, and the fact that finding a beautiful and comfortable clothes for pregnant women is very difficult.

very difficult to decide how to dress for pregnant women.At its core, clothing - is a reflection of the emotional state of each person.In pregnant women the condition is often changeable and unstable.Therefore, in the choice of clothes there are many issues and disputes.

Many women in the position of working for companies where there are certain requirements for the appearance.What to wear for pregnant women in this case?How to be stylish and elegant without sacrificing comfort?

Options clothes

begin with suitable clothing for pregnant women.Of the necessary things that are stylish and comfortable, it is possible to allocate such:

  • pants on a shoestring.If you want to feel in a comfort, though are still in bed, you can wear comfortable ballet flats, light trousers made of silk lace and fun walk through everything you need for your sites.These pants will always look at you luxurious, while maintaining comfort.
  • Dress flights.This dress is available in several versions: jersey and silk.This dress with slits and pockets will never look trivial.The design is neat and comfortable.
  • T-shirt with long sleeves.It is spacious enough, and tight sleeves and a boat neckline will add you to the modern charm.Good to wear a T-shirt, even a warm sweater.
  • Hoodie.If there is a dispute about what to wear for pregnant women to look chic and night and day, the solution is simple - hoodie fleece.Asymmetrical zipper add originality to your image, and the belly will be hidden or covered with such elegant clothing option.
  • Cardigan.It is easy to use and is perfect for cooler weather.He gently accentuate your waist and create the image of regal.
  • shirt on the buttons.Wide silk shirt on the buttons will always be in style to emphasize your look with a pair of beautiful pants.Throwing belt strap shirt, you add a lightness to his image.

options on what clothes to wear for pregnant women, a lot.The main thing - your internal feelings that will help you choose a comfortable style for you.

Lingerie for pregnant

As for the clothes, which is suitable for pregnant women, here there are a variety of disputes and questions.Many doctors and manufacturers do not recommend pregnant women to purchase lingerie with underwire.This can be explained by the fact that during pregnancy the breast increases and the bones can prevent its proper development, which can lead to various diseases.

What underwear to wear for pregnant women?Do you choose clothes to be more required qualities:

  • convenience (by their own feelings);
  • maintaining breast augmentation;
  • the right size;
  • wide straps;
  • regulating inserts.


After pick up clothes and linen, there is still a sensitive issue for every pregnant woman - what kind of shoes to choose for its interesting position.

Shoes with heels took its place in the life of every girl and woman.Many of them do not even realize their way without heels.Now it is necessary to say goodbye to all the "high" options of shoes and go only to low soles?Wearing heels can cause:

  • injury.The possibility of falling, dislocation, displacement of the vertebrae, at sharp movements on unstable heels (as compared with a flat sole or small guideshoe);
  • stretch.Once you get up to the heel, center of gravity becomes your stomach.This causes stretching of muscles and skin that leave after giving birth to your stomach unwanted traces;
  • wrong location toddler.When the center of gravity is broken, then there is a risk that the fetus will take the wrong position.This further complicates childbirth.

Then, what kind of shoes to wear for pregnant women?In order to maintain their health and beauty, it is best to choose a stable shoes with wide heels or wedges height of not more than 4 cm.