How to determine the weight of the fetus ?

How to determine the weight of the fetus ?

Perhaps no one expectant mother in the world, which is in a state of pregnancy did not want to know how much it will weigh her child.Of course, pregnancy is rather complicated from a physiological point of view of time, but from a psychological point of view, this is a very pleasant and joyful state.This article will look at how to calculate the weight of the fetus.

Formula Stroykova

Let's start with the fact that there are different formulas for calculating the weight of the fetus.These formulas were developed by different scientists.

So the method Stroykova formula fetal weight calculation is this:

X = (MB: K + OJ * GMR) / 2

In the formula, X is the estimated weight of the fetus, MB is an acronym - the mass of the body of a pregnant, the coolant is a circumference of the abdomen, WYD is a reduction in the height of uterine fundus above the vagina, and K is a constant.

The value X is measured in grams, MB is measured in kilograms, and the coolant and GMR are measured in centimeters.The K value depends on the mother's body weight.If the mother has a weight up to 51 kg then K is 15;If body weight is 51-53 kg, then K is 16;if the MB is in the range 54 - 56 kg, then K = 17;If the mother's body weight is between 57 and 62 kg, then K is 18;if the weight of a pregnant within 63-65 kg, then K equals 19;If MB = 66-73 kg, then K = 20;If MB = 74-81 kg, then K = 21 MB, and if more than 82 kg, then K equals 22. If the count of fetal weight by this formula, then the error is present in the range of two hundred grams.

Formula Yagubova

now about how to determine the weight of the fetus by the formula Yagubova.Here in abdominal circumference added value of the height of uterine fundus, then figure is divided by four and multiplied by 100.


Rudakov Rudakov offers an approach to the determination of fetal weight: it is necessary to measure the width and length of the semicircle palpable fruit, and then multiply them.As a result, the resulting figure is substituted in the table, developed by scientists, and determine fetal weight.It should be noted that the table has three columns, where it is possible to substitute this index.These columns represent the values ​​for major birth, preterm and full-term fetus.

addition there are norms of fetal weight.But it must be said that each fruit has its own rate and grows, so to speak, its own rules.Typically, many different tables provide indicators that reflect the kind of averaging.