How to win a man of Capricorn ?

How to win a man of Capricorn ?

Let's start with the fact that for Capricorn men in matters of the heart and in the choice of women is characterized by a clear calculation.So do not look for his emotional outbursts, as he drew in his mind the ideal female form and now looks in reality.As a general rule, the requirements of male Capricorns to the opposite sex a little too high.Capricorn sincerely believes that he deserves only the best.There are also such complicated cases, when no woman can not meet the high requirements of Capricorn.Such a position may lead to the fact that the man at some point will experience disappointment in a dream image and be able to switch your consciousness to a more earthly women.

Thinking tactics of how to win a man of Capricorn, and even more, to become his life companion, must first be clear on what to expect from such a man.Capricorns usually pretty stingy on the manifestation of tenderness, of love or passion.They are practical and believe that excessive feelings they do not need.The woman is important to them for the possibility of creating a reliable, strong rear and strengthening their attitudes.So frivolous ladies will not be able to win Capricorn.Pretty rare for men of this sign and beautiful gestures in the form of huge flowers or expensive gifts - all this Capricorn considers useless romance and a waste of money.

What women are most attracted to men Capricorns?What they value in the fairer sex?What chord of their soul is best to address?How to win a man's heart, Capricorn?

In women Capricorns appreciate the smooth and quiet nature, the ability to cook well and comfortably surround the man.In addition, they are interested in women, self-confident, have made a career leading and well house.A Capricorn attachment to the family - a byword.At the same time they are easy to get acquainted with people who are interested in working for the most part, very sensitive to insincerity.Consequently, in order to conquer the Capricorn, you will need:

  • be confident
  • a career
  • good deal in his work
  • fine conduct house
  • cook
  • love quality items
  • give him the right choice for allmatters
  • support all his initiatives
  • certainly admire his achievements
  • pay attention to his family.

Capricorns are very sensitive to family ties, and this applies not only to their wives and children, but also parents, brothers and sisters.If you want to conquer the Capricorn, that in any case can not speak ill of anyone from his family.

Capricorns appreciate loyalty, and the ability to fully trust your partner.You should always be close to her man, to maintain the elect in all endeavors, to help resolve their problems, to calm when he has something does not work.But it should be done gently, giving him the opportunity to make their own choices and decisions.Do not push it!

Deciding to make a gift Capricorn, do not give him a cheap and unnecessary gadgets.But useful, stylish, unusual and expensive gifts, such as tie pins and cuff links, he definitely appreciate.Also, Capricorns love to their women were elegant and well-educated.And although the beautiful appearance is not the main requirement of Capricorn, grooming, they attach great importance.