Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding ?

All 9 months pregnant bears his long-awaited baby.During these months it much prohibited, such as drinking alcohol or a long time to lie in the bath.But there are good moments ... During pregnancy, you can relax and not be protected by having sex with her husband.Now the baby was born, and it should breastfeed.Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding, do not take precautions?Think about it, many young mothers.

probability of getting pregnant while breastfeeding

studies were conducted in 1988, which proved that the chance of getting pregnant while breastfeeding is only 2%, if complied with 4 main conditions:

  1. Menses have not started yet (if you have bleeding up to 56 daysafter childbirth, it is not considered menstruation, it is regarded as the body's recovery).
  2. woman feeds her baby only breast (not the child is expressing for milk).
  3. child not yet 6 months old.
  4. intervals between breast-feeding is not more than 4 hours.

That is, the effectiveness of this protection method is 98%, only if all these conditions are met 4.

So, we found out that getting pregnant while breastfeeding is possible, but how to avoid it?Some people believe that it is very difficult to find the means of contraception that are not dangerous during lactation.This opinion today is irrelevant.Now there is a good selection of tools for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, are allowed at a time.

  • Condoms.Not affect the quality and delivery of milk woman.They provide protection from the occurrence of pregnancy.And condoms protect against infections, which can not cope unnerved mom immunity.
  • Birth control pills should not be taken, as you risk losing your breast milk.But it is possible to use oral contraceptives, progestogen-only (mini-pill), but they are also slightly reduce the amount of milk produced.
  • Coitus interruptus will not protect you in this period.The probability of becoming pregnant again, when breastfeeding, can be 20 - 40% of cases.
  • IUD.It can protect you from pregnancy, but often falls after birth in women, as the size of the uterus has not yet recovered.
  • Calendar method - totally unreliable, because the body rhythm changes can occur after childbirth.
  • Spermicides.They recommend that nursing women also because they prevent the problems associated with vaginal dryness.They are safe for a young mother's milk.You can use the form of candles, jelly or foam.
  • hormonal injections and implants.They are reliable for 99%.But they can be used only after 6 weeks postpartum.