How do I know you're pregnant ?

How do I know you

in your head the thought creeps in that you are pregnant?Are you planning a pregnancy or have an unprotected sexual intercourse?How to identify pregnant or not?What signs of pregnancy should pay attention to the early stages?Every woman who suspects she may be pregnant, care about these issues.It should be noted that sometimes the various changes in the body of a pregnant woman can be absolutely imperceptible.Therefore, in some cases, the determination of pregnancy may already one week after conception, and in the other - it can determine only the increased stomach.And yet, if you begin to notice any changes in your body, you should know what are the main signs of pregnancy there.

main signs of pregnancy

  • absence of menstruation.The most important and probable sign of pregnancy - a month delay.It is for this symptom can be quite accurately say whether the pregnancy, especially in the cases where before the cycle was regular.It should be noted that in rare cases, women may experience bleeding, but it is quick and less intensely than under normal menstruation.
  • Drawing pain in the abdomen.At the early stage of pregnancy a woman can notice a rather unpleasant experience.Even before the arrival of menstruation, it may feel cramps or pain, which are accompanied by a slight bleeding.Such bleeding is called implantation.It is associated with embryo planting 6-10 days after conception in the uterine wall.It was after this process is stopped menstruating.
  • Hypersensitivity chest.Finds you in the position or not, how to determine?What you're pregnant will show another sign - this increased sensitivity, tenderness or even the severity of breast and areola pigmentation of the nipples.
  • Nausea.Nausea complements signs of pregnancy.Toxemia is the most common phenomenon that women have to endure, from an early stage of pregnancy.Toxicosis may occur already in the second week after conception.As a rule, it goes to 12 weeks of gestation.Toxemia can manifest itself in the form of nausea and lung ailments, as well as dewatering body vomiting.
  • Headache.Many women feel in early pregnancy, and migraine headaches.This is due to take place in the body of a pregnant woman's hormonal changes.The main signs of pregnancy also include: isolation, fatigue, irritability, or vice versa fun.
  • Decreased or increased appetite.Some women can detect pregnancy by a sharp increase or decrease in appetite, aggravation of smell, desire to eat something very salty or sour.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom.In the early stages of pregnancy, many women experience frequent urination.They arise due to increased size of the uterus that begins to put pressure on the bladder.

It should be noted that all of the above signs of pregnancy are not 100% but reliable symptoms.Besides pregnancy, they may also indicate the beginning of any disease.Do you think you're pregnant?How to determine for sure?The answer is simple - please use the test!You can purchase it at any pharmacy.Note, however, that the use of such rapid tests only on certain days of the cycle.Even so, they can not give a 100% correct result.If menstruation is already a delay of 3-4 weeks, please consult your gynecologist who will make the US will respond exactly you are pregnant or not.