How to conceive a boy ?

How to conceive a boy ?

child - it is a gift from heaven.To some it is given only once in his life, someone - several times.It seems that choosing the sex of a baby is not possible, that all depends on the nature.However, there are ways that may affect the conception of a child of a particular sex.But the last word is still of nature, you can only increase the likelihood of a baby boy or girl.Today's article is dedicated to those who want to learn how to conceive a boy.

There are several ways to help women figure out in which situations and how to conceive a future representative of the male sex.Let's consider them in order.

How to conceive a boy

ovulation Here everything is covered in sperm.Those sperm that carry the male chromosome, the most active and mobile, however, those which contain female chromosome, much hardier.Therefore, it is necessary to provide the most comfortable environment for male sperm.

chance to conceive a boy was the highest, Have sex on the day of ovulation itself and the next day.That is ovulating and how to correctly calculate, read on our website.Also recommended posture in which the penetration of the penis is the deepest in the vagina.As you shorten the path of movement of the sperm to the egg.

How to conceive a boy - table

You can find a few popular choices interpretation of this method.Consider two of them.

Option 1: You can find a table in which the age of the mother will be indicated in one column and the other - months.All you need - is to find a table in your age, look at the line of months and select those in which contains the letter "M".It is in these months you can try to conceive a boy.

Option 2: You can also find on the internet especially in the tabulation of the two pictures.In the first one you find the intersection of the months of the birth mother and the unborn child's father.At the point of intersection you will see a certain number of which will need to find the second part of the table.In it you will learn the most favorable months for conception of a boy.

Calendar of conceiving a boy

You can make your personal calendar on which will be to determine the most successful days for conceiving a boy.What is its essence?

Paul unborn child depends on the month, which will be the conception and birth dates of his mother.In order to calculate the most favorable month for conceiving a child of a particular sex, fold: the serial number of the month of his birth, a figure of his age and the month when you want to conceive a child.For example: 9 (September) + 26 + 5 (May) = 40. The result - an even number, which means that a woman is 26 years old, who was born in September, it is possible to conceive a boy in May.If the result of - even, in the supposed month you can conceive a boy.If the number is odd happens, the more likely the desired month, a girl.

How to conceive a boy by blood

There is also a method that is called by the "blood of renovation."The main point is that the most likely to conceive a boy in the year when the father blood absolutely young or younger than the mother's blood.The fact that after a certain period of time in male and female organisms occurs update complete blood.In women, this period is 3 years, men - 4. In order to determine the probability of the birth of a boy, you need to the age of each of the parents-to-be divided into a number corresponding to the number of years through which blood is updated.Whose result of the division will be less, in fact, and more fresh blood.For example, women 27 years and men 32. In calculating the following results are obtained: 27: 3 = 9;32: 4 = 8. Blood fresh man, and therefore, the probability of conceiving a boy this pair higher.The best option - to calculate the year in which the blood of a man is the youngest, and try to conceive a boy at this time.

Other recommendations how to conceive a boy

signs in front of you, statistics, monitoring of different people.Do not get too serious about this, you can read just for your reference.

  1. probability to give birth boy is higher in women "in the body" under the age of 30 years.
  2. Many scientists believe that the boy at conception a woman should experience a strong orgasm, and before men.At the moment of orgasm, vaginal environment becomes more alkaline and therefore, more suitable for the sperm.In other cases, the vagina is acidic, and this sperm die quickly.
  3. Compliance with special diets may have an impact on conceiving a boy.If you want a boy, eat plenty of different meats and fish, fruit;drink juice and green tea.Try not to eat seafood, fresh cabbage, flour products, green vegetables, dairy products.
  4. Quit smoking.This rule must be respected as the mother and father of the unborn child.Smokers couples often are born girls.
  5. The more you are exposed to stress, the less likely to give birth to a boy.Try not to be nervous.

Ways to conceive a boy set, we have listed the most popular.However, remember that to outwit nature, if you are destined to a particular child, it is not so simple.None of the methods will not give you an absolute guarantee.Whoever your unborn child - whether a boy, a girl - just take it and enjoy, regardless of gender.It's a piece of you and your lover!