Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom ?

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom ?

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Can I get pregnant with a condom?

question quality protection from unwanted pregnancy is very important nowadays.The number of abortions is increasing among the younger generation.And this is very sad, as a result of abortion may be, and infertility.Is not it better in advance the right to be protected in order to subsequently avoid unnecessary problems?Today we talk about condoms as a method of contraception, about whether it is possible to get pregnant after the condom.

become pregnant with a condom: Reasons Condom

outcome relates to barrier methods of contraception and is considered a reliable means of protection against unwanted pregnancy.But why so often asked whether it is possible to get pregnant, take precautions or condoms: Can I get pregnant, no ending?Getting pregnant after the condom is still possible, even if you use it correctly.How and why did this happen?If does not matter for women size of the penis, then the possibility of conception through condom - is.The condom is not dimensionless.With a very strong stretching of the condom and sliding it appear stripes, similar to stretching, through which can penetrate into the vagina sperm.They write that a man with a big penis size has a risk of 50% to conceive a child, and as a result "pair" can become pregnant, use a condom.

There are also cases when a condom breaks, and getting pregnant after the condom is not difficult.The most common reason for this is the lack of a natural female lubrication.In this case, you can increase foreplay to excite more than a woman or to use water-based lubricants.

probability of getting pregnant with a condom

There is the so-called Pearl Index, which is used to calculate the chance of becoming pregnant, with or without a condom it (with other means of contraception).This Pearl Index otherwise be called the failure rate at which and determined the risk of pregnancy.According to data from 2007, if a man use a condom correctly, consistently, in compliance with all instructions, the chance of pregnancy with a condom will be 2%.If you look at all the people who used condoms, the chances of getting pregnant will be 15%.It is believed that a condom is only in fifth place on the effectiveness of protection against unwanted pregnancy.Greater efficiency have intrauterine devices, male sterilization, female sterilization and birth control pills (oral contraceptives).

risk of getting pregnant with a condom

Just want to say that it all depends on you.

most common mistakes when using a condom:

  • Very often couples properly wear a condom at the beginning of the sexual act, and then they have to disguise it in the course of the act, so that pregnancy can occur.If the condom is unwound with difficulty, it means that you are putting it wrongly.
  • packaging of the condom open his teeth and damage it.
  • you run the risk of getting pregnant, if put on a condom during or at the end of sexual intercourse.To pair the condom protected against pregnancy, it should be worn at the beginning of intercourse.
  • Using two condoms at once not only improves security, but on the contrary is a dangerous mistake.
  • If you feel a condom break, you must immediately pull the penis out of the vagina.
  • If in the process of sexual intercourse with a partner you are using different kinds of sexual intercourse, you should be sure to change the condom between them.
  • Pairs of passion may forget to check the expiration date of the condom on its packaging.Either the manufacturers of cheap condoms forget to specify it, and people do not pay attention to it.
  • condom integrity can be compromised when using lubricants, which are unsuitable for use with it.Choose lubrication solely water based, or other types of lubricants damage latex from which the condom is made.
So, is it possible to get pregnant using condoms?Yes, if it is wrong to use it, to make mistakes, as defined above.