How to get to the hospital ?

How to get to the hospital ?

The surest way to get to the hospital - to become pregnant, well, or encouraged to take an obstetrician-gynecologist (it will take a lot of time).Seriously, get to the hospital pregnant woman easy, important to do this, if necessary, and on time.

How to get to the hospital, which refers to the place of residence?You will need to simply call an ambulance.Call an ambulance usually with the onset of the first fights.To hedge, you can call an ambulance in the day when you give birth to a term appointed.If the hospital, which is fixed for the place of your residence, you do not like, and you have identified for themselves the other, then notify the ambulance is required.And, of course, you should have a provision of an advance agreement with the hospital, where you go.

happens that lie ahead it is necessary to negotiate in the hospital, you have to discuss with the attending physician.This option will reduce your anxiety and thoughts about what you "do not have time" to get there.

Preparing for maternity hospital

before the arrival of emergency you need to prepare a package of necessary documents:

  • passport;
  • medical policy;
  • exchange card.

also to take with hygiene and personal care (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, washcloth, shower gel, machine), towel, dry / wet wipes, pads large, shorts, socks, slippers, bathrobe (notall maternity hospitals allow a pregnant or new mother to bring their things to know about this in advance is necessary), phone charger.If

came childbirth period, besides the usual set of tools, it is necessary to bring along:

  • water without gas (2 l.);
  • pampers "0";
  • wet wipes for babies;
  • diaper;
  • cap, socks for the baby (you must know whether the issue in the rest of the hospital laundry);
  • bra for nursing optional (several sizes larger habitual - a surge of milk increases the bust);
  • "Bepanten" - ointment for cracked nipples,
  • breast (very helpful, especially nulliparous that the milk does not stagnate and do not cause pain).

needed rest you can ask relatives to bring from home during visits.

In the hospital

How to get to the hospital, you know, and now briefly about what is going on with giving birth below:

  1. change into a hospital gown in the waiting room;
  2. the same questionnaire filled in process;
  3. performed a gynecological examination chair to find out the stage of birth and so on;
  4. done an enema to cleanse the bowel and intimate haircut (the best time to do it yourself at home);
  5. if labor really starts (ie disclosure occurred, water broke, went into labor) new mother goes to prenatal directly before the birth;
  6. there is connected a drip woman in childbirth and provide necessary supervision and care, depending on the condition of the child and the mother;
  7. for cesarean section anesthesia woman offer full or local, and are operating in;
  8. if a woman gives birth to itself, with the onset of labor it is converted into generic room, which is placed on a special bed for pregnant women;
  9. when a child is born, its mother show, record the time, examine, weigh, measure the baby and put to the breast (this is necessary and very important, unfortunately, not all the hospital adhere to this rule).

The last step is important for emotional and physical health of the mother and child.Child intestinal microflora populated when the baby consumes colostrum from the mother's breast, if he is deprived, the microflora can suffer.A contact with the mother in the first few minutes of his life - it's just a much needed baby and mother.