How to sleep during pregnancy ?

Do you How to sleep during pregnancy ?

know that 75 years people spend on a dream 25 years!For the normal life of a person must not only watch, but also to rest the brain during sleep.To recover and protect the nervous system of the pregnant woman, as well as anyone, you need to sleep.But as the tummy expectant mother begins to grow, it begins to worry about how to sleep during pregnancy, and to think, whether it is doing the right thing.

position of the body during sleep

How to sleep during pregnancy?In early pregnancy, go to bed, slept like before when the stomach is not yet visible.You can not do much harm to your baby, and do will not experience any inconvenience.But if you know that you are always difficult to get used to the new conditions of life, then follow the rules from the very beginning.Doctors recommend the first months of pregnancy to develop a position in a dream that you want with a large belly.This will save you from sleepless nights at the end of the period.

According to doctors, the most comfortable and supportive position for pregnant women with a prominent belly - on the side.And sleep properly during pregnancy is best on the left side when the left leg is straight and the right - bent.Well, if the right leg will be based on the pillow.The use of this situation lies in the fact that by improving blood flow to the fetus, as well as subside swelling down.The disappearance of edema associated with the best work of the kidneys and liver in this position.

Expectant mothers often wonder whether it is possible for pregnant women to sleep on your stomach?With a big belly is not desirable to sleep in a position "on the belly" because the fetus will go a lot of pressure.Although he is protected by the amniotic fluid, the adverse conditions are the place to be.

During pregnancy, sleeping on your back seems convenient.This position is comfortable for pregnant and safe for the child.But in the last trimester of pregnancy there are some back pain, worsening blood circulation, so they sleep on their backs will be very difficult.Also in this position the fruit of a great burden on internal organs.The best solution in this case - to sleep on his side.

Poor sleep during pregnancy - what to do?

  • When the position of lying causes discomfort and pregnant can not sleep properly, it is advised to put a lot of pillows and take a reclining posture at the back.
  • better to use breathable blanket to the body temperature remained normal and the dream thus became more comfortable.
  • Try to change posture more often, so you reduce the pain, which may occur in the back.
  • Choose comfortable and loose clothing to sleep.
  • Sleeping pills can not drink for pregnant women.You can replace medication tea with mint and lemon balm.