How to take a pregnancy ?

How to take a pregnancy ?

accept and recognize the pregnancy is difficult as a woman and her man.Especially often hard to accept the fact of pregnancy if the baby was not planned and it all happened by chance.

How to take a pregnancy, if it is not planned

Unfortunately, it also happens that pregnancy and the imminent appearance of a child - it's not always a happy event in the life partners.And often in such cases, a woman goes to abortion, citing the fact that it happened at the wrong time, already have children, there is no money to raise children and so on. N. How to accept her pregnancy and did not make a mistake, which later will belifelong regret?

most favorable solution would be to continue the pregnancy and give birth to a child.And in order that they might come to terms with the pregnancy, you can follow some tips:

  1. You have to think yet about the embryo as a living thing.This is not just a cluster of cells, it is - the future man.He will have thoughts, feelings and emotions.It is necessary to reconsider its attitude to pregnancy, try to take it not as a problem but as the beginning of a new life, change for the better.If you realize this, then go to an abortion is not so easy.
  2. Go on ultrasound: a woman (and man) will see on the screen a small establishment, which already has tiny arms and legs, his head and his heart beats, it will not be able to forget it forever love this little creature mostin the world.
  3. view photos of small children, or walk around the playground, where children played.Women are by nature very emotional and when to review a photo of newborn infants and children, to take pregnancy (as a woman mature and very young) will be much easier.
  4. Buy children's clothes and toys.You do not have to buy half of the "Children's World", enough to buy some slightest attribute the same pacifier or tiny booties.These little things will symbolize the beginning of a new and better life.
  5. Tackle visualization - if to represent their unborn child - boy or girl, as soon as possible to get used to its interesting position.To bring into your life more positive, you need to think of everything to the smallest detail: what the child will hairs, fingers, eye color, etc. And most importantly - to represent him healthy and smiling...

How to physiological changes during pregnancy?

In the initial stages of pregnancy some women may torment toxicosis.Do not panic, because this is a temporary phenomenon.But if morning sickness is painful and time-consuming, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In the future without consulting a doctor can not do - he will tell you what happens to the body of a pregnant each week of fetal development, and what signs to look for.And if during pregnancy a woman haunted lethargy and drowsiness, then the last term - on the contrary, the majority observed a surge of strength.

Just this period occurs at the beginning of maternity leave.The time can be devoted to pleasing the heart of things - shopping, preparation of housing and general housekeeping.

Speaking of children makes it easier to take a pregnancy man

If even a woman is not easy to accept her pregnancy, the man to do it is even more difficult.After all, he does not feel any changes in your body, in contrast to his partner.

Therefore, it is necessary to pronounce all.Talks on the future of the child, how it will be, that will be able, as will be smiling, and so on. E., Will certainly help a man to realize that he will soon become a dad.And it should not from time to time, and on a regular basis.