12 weeks : it looks like a child ?

12 weeks : it looks like a child ?

At the twelfth week of pregnancy, many moms and even belly is not visible, but the child in her belly already fully formed.So what baby at 12 weeks?Thanks to ultrasound mother can see her, not yet born, baby.It is better to see once than hear a hundred times, is not it?Many mothers, only to see inside a real man, realize that they are pregnant.

At twelve weeks the baby has already laid all the bodies.The first trimester of pregnancy and is important because, at that time, is Tab, and the formation of all human organs.

  • At 12 weeks the baby's head, in the places where they will have to be eyebrows and eyelashes, there is fluff.
  • on the feet and hands are already fingers with nails that are already there has been a unique pattern.
  • internal organs are developed so much that already begins to produce thyroid hormones and the pituitary gland, the liver produces the bile already.
  • Sometimes there are also reducing the intestine, kidneys are working.
  • The blood already, except the available red blood cells and white blood cells appear.
  • The child strengthens muscles, mature bone, nervous system develops.

When the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks, the baby looks like at this time?It weighs about '15 baby already so much like a tiny little man!He can move the little feet, finger sucking, swallowing, turns and flips.His mother movement is imperceptible, since it is still very small.Doctors can listen to his heart with the help of Doppler.

Doppler ultrasonography allows great to see that inside of you is not just a kind of cell, embryo, and it is a real man, who is still very small, but that is growing very rapidly, with each passing day it becomes more and more.Woman's uterus expands, and it is already possible to notice a novice rounded tummy.Mom starts gaining weight.At that time her health usually improves, morning sickness passes, a woman has a large amount of power, it seems to be flourishing.

child at 12 weeks of gestation have the same as us, only a fraction.And so women, who go to an abortion (and make it just prior to 12 weeks) are killed it is a real person, your own child, it is formed.So, before you take this step, think properly, weigh all the "pros" and "cons", so you do not regret your irreparable step made.