As previously determined by the child's sex ?

As previously determined by the child

in far-distant times when you do not even have invented a miracle technique called ultrasound, parents were able to find out who will be born.Furthermore, there were various rituals to "order" a child of a particular sex.Let us recall the tradition and learn, as soon as the baby's sex was determined.

Why recognized the child's sex

all for whom it does not matter who is born with a puzzled look on fanatically trying to find out whom to expect.Most parents today believe that much more important to a child's health than his floor.

But in the old knowledge of the future sex of the child did have practical significance.So, the boy was considered preferable to the girls, because it was he who was considered the heir.Besides, the boy - is the future assistant, boss.

In addition, to give the girl to marry, it was necessary to collect a dowry.In countries where for a girl before the wedding received bride price (redemption), the sex of the baby was quite a welcome.

in Asia is still widespread gender discrimination, and often mothers get rid of the fetus, if the girl is predicted.Therefore, in the European Union, where many migrants want to introduce a ban on the prediction of the floor in order to avoid imbalances in the number of floors.

looking forward to?

Given the importance of the issue, people have accumulated centuries of observation of pregnant women to determine the sex of the child.Some of the signs were extremely tenacious and are still used today.So, as soon as the child's sex is determined?

indicated such signs on the male child:

  • increase hair growth on the legs, the appearance of a gun on his belly and around the nipples (now explain the elevated testosterone);
  • pregnant begins to pull on meat and dairy products - sources of protein;
  • woman looks good, it is beautiful;
  • at a later date looking at belly - oval protruding tum spoke in favor of the boy.

The presence of the girl testified:

  • deterioration of appearance, pregnant becomes less nice;
  • of food prefer something sweet, and fruit;
  • hair on the body becomes lighter;
  • belly is rounded, evenly distributed on each side;
  • areola darken.

It was also believed that boys behave more calmly, and the girls twirl-pushing.

still tenacious and method of determining the sex of the baby ring or a needle suspended on a string.If over the stomach or hand is simple enough device begins to describe a circle - a girl who swung like a pendulum - the boy.

you also know, as soon as the child's sex is determined, you can take advantage of these omens.