In how many weeks do ultrasound ?

In how many weeks do ultrasound ?

Pregnancy - it is an amazing and wonderful period in the life of women.In this period it is important to carefully monitor their state of health and physical fitness.As the pregnancy will proceed, and how to develop your child depends on your actions and your attitude to pregnancy.Upon learning of her pregnancy, you should contact the antenatal clinic, it is advisable to go to the 12th week of pregnancy.Mom will be able to pass all the necessary research, and early treatment of complications and even prevent them.Expectant mother is necessary to pass all examinations appointed gynecologist pass mandatory tests, such as blood tests, urine tests, pelvic examinations sizes, pressure measurement and many others.Also, a pregnant woman carried ultrasound (US).Ultrasonography is considered quite safe.

In how many weeks do ultrasound: timing

Typically, ultrasound is performed three times during pregnancy, that is, one in each trimester.But the number of ultrasound images, depending on the characteristics of pregnancy may be more.

The objectives of this study:

  • first ultrasound administered approximately 11-13 week - you can see the baby on the screen to hear the beating of his heart, to be confirmed on ultrasound pregnancy period, the survey helps to prevent ectopic pregnancy;determine if there have fetal Down syndrome.
  • At 20-22 week ultrasound examination carried out an extended, to avoid deviations in the development of the baby, determine the sex of the baby.
  • At 34-36 weeks carried ultrasound for the study of the fetal heart, to prevent birth defects;watch as the fruit is in the uterine cavity;determine its weight, condition of the placenta, and amniotic fluid volume.

In how many weeks do ultrasound?It depends on several factors: your registration at antenatal clinics, the characteristics of pregnancy.Therefore, during pregnancy, an ultrasound scan to check the development of the embryo, clarify delivery dates, mnogoyaytsevoy detect pregnancy and possible violations, requiring medical intervention.Ultrasound procedure is absolutely painless.