Can I get pregnant from a discharge?

So, as a way to protect against unwanted pregnancy you choose coitus interruptus.This means that a man removes his penis from the vagina before ejaculation.And you, like many others, wondered whether it is possible to get pregnant from male secretions.

will answer any gynecologist that become pregnant while interrupted by the act of discharge as possible.But the probability of pregnancy is small in this case.Did you know that such a possibility could not be from all selections men during intercourse?

Distinctions men

Asked you whether you can get pregnant from secretions men, or rather, telling as it happens, we have a little touch on anatomy and physiology.Mark 2 type selections: Grease ( "pre-ejaculate") and smegma.

  • pre-ejaculate appears at the time when the penis is just excited.It looks almost transparent liquid.Grease contains a small amount of sperm.Therefore pregnancy secretions men possible, and accordingly, it is not the best method of contraception for couples who do not wish to have children yet.Even if you have a partner had sexual intercourse with protection from pregnancy, for example, using a condom, but after a certain period of time you will again indulge in the act of love, but without him, it turns out that you can get pregnant.Any sexual act should be protected, if you do not want to get pregnant.By the way, if the previous intercourse was not long before the present, the chance of becoming pregnant increases.It is enough just one sperm to fertilize an egg.
  • second type of male secretions during intercourse - it smegma.In appearance it is white in color and has an unpleasant odor.Smegma has both men and women.Determine smegma men can, as a mixture of secretions of the sebaceous glands of the foreskin, dead epithelial tissue and moisture.It may accumulate on the edge of the glans penis.So it is impossible to conceive of smegma.

Pregnancy secretions: how and why

  • First, a small amount of sperm is alive in the lubricant, which is released in the process of sexual intercourse, starting from the commencement of the penis.Therefore, pregnant from male secretions, of course, possible, but unlikely.That is why gynecologists are against this method of preventing unwanted pregnancy as coitus interruptus.
  • Secondly, after ejaculation, a certain percentage of the sperm remains in the urethra, and the selection on the penis are taking place, and the next time you have sex, they fall into the vagina, if the man did not take a shower.That is probably the pregnancy from the discharge during the second act of intercourse, is not accompanied by the adoption of the soul before it.
  • Third, coitus interruptus is dangerous not only to the possibility of getting pregnant by secretions.Any man has a rather difficult in such a delicate matter ... Do not think that it's so simple - capture the moment before ejaculation occurs.By the way, it interferes with normal male relax and get the most pleasure from sex.And even with excellent ability to capture such a moment a man, it is likely to become pregnant, as sperm with bed linen or hands can get into the vagina.Do not forget, the sperm live about 3 days.

If the pair exactly decided for myself that the pregnancy it is not necessary, and they are now in the choice of contraceptive method, they need to remember that coitus interruptus does not give an absolute guarantee of protection from unwanted pregnancy.Because you can get pregnant and secretions with this method.Go to the gynecologist, the doctor is required to select the best method of protection for you.Or just use a condom, it will save your pair of extra excitement.