I am pregnant - I'm 14 years old!

When you're pregnant at 14, it is quite different than if you're at least 20. The body of 14-year-old girl - it is the body of a teenager.Girl pregnant at age 14, can not even be aware that it can (in theory) to bear a child, but (!) Her body is not yet ready for it.In adolescence is still being formed the young organism matures, but here such a stress to the body!Probably you do that and she know, you sit and think: I am pregnant in 14 years!What to do?How to behave?What decision will be correct?? Who can I contact for help ..

I'm pregnant, I'm 14, what do

case not easy, to be honest.So, before you got a problem: I am pregnant I am 14 years old.What should be the first steps?

  • First of all, you have to be really sure of pregnancy and not to make conclusions for some your inventions.It is foolish to go in tears to him or my mother, saying that you are pregnant, because you "think so."Buy a pregnancy test (in any drugstore) and do it correctly (see instructions).But this is not a 100% result.
  • Further to your discretion.You can first go to the parents (who are close and who better to understand, Mom, Dad - it's up to you, too) and tell them.By the way, it is possible that they will be first to swear, yell, maybe even cry.But in the end they may rest.Do not push, just say, like, "Yes, I understand, I am 14 years old ... I'm pregnant ... it seems like you go to the doctor to find out for sure."
  • So this is another necessary step - contact the antenatal clinic to get US and establish a pregnancy for sure.And yes, you remember, at your discretion, you can first go to the doctor, and then to the parents, to report about the pregnancy, if it is confirmed (or may not have shocked mom / dad does).A few words about the doctors.Visit a gynecologist during pregnancy is necessary, you 14 or 30 - it does not matter.Make sure you must be registered.Listen to all of the recommendations, go through the necessary procedures, hand over all the necessary tests.Well, this is the doctor says.
  • If your young person is old enough and independent and able to think straight, you should discuss the situation with him, and, in the final decision, be sure to take into account his opinion.
  • Unfortunately, even if you do not want to get involved in the situation of parents have to make it.Because deciding to keep the baby - without their help, you will not manage, and hide the pregnancy is almost impossible for obvious reasons.And if you decide to have an abortion at any medical institution (in the private and municipal polyclinic) you can not do it without the consent of parents.Since the age of informed consent, according to the laws of our country comes from 15 years of age;and from that age you do not require parental consent for surgery.
  • If you are afraid or do not know how to approach parents with the news of her pregnancy, or even their parents can not come to a decision, you may want to turn to professionals: a psychologist or teen trust service.This pregnancy happened suddenly and unexpectedly for you, and experts are often faced with the problem, and they already have experience in resolving such issues.Do not try to figure out how all say simple phrases like "I'm pregnant, I'm 14 years" will be enough to start.Next - your joint work with the specialist.

Pregnant at 14: whether to leave

Child Should I have an abortion at age 14?This is a very subjective and ambiguous question.

decision in any case to take you.It depends on the moral principles, the financial situation, perhaps from religion.

But if you still cheer up an abortion, remember that abortion - an operation that is outside interference in the body.And often this operation entails negative consequences.Abortion can lead to various "women's disease", pain, infectious diseases of the uterus, and in the worst case to infertility.

It should therefore approach this issue very seriously and do not make this decision on emotions.