How to calculate the weight of the child ?

How to calculate the weight of the child ?

During the second half of pregnancy, the expectant mother body weight begins to increase sharply.Expecting a baby into the world, a woman can add to their normal weight of 10 to 20 kg.At the same time pregnant interested in answers to the questions: what is at the moment the baby weight, and how to calculate the weight of the baby in the womb?To answer these questions with high precision is difficult, although there are certain formulas.

Determination of fetal weight formula Jordania

determine the approximate weight of the fetus by this formula is carried out after 35 weeks of pregnancy.To do this, you need to know only two values:

  • abdominal circumference in cm (measured at the level of the navel);
  • VSDM (height of standing uterus) in cm, measured from the top of the uterus bottom point to the pubic symphysis.

The formula is as follows: abdominal circumference (cm) x VSDM (cm) = fetal weight (g) +/- 200 g

Where +/- 200 g - the approximate weight fluctuations.If you have a massive skeleton, then + 200g, if the bone is narrow, the -200 was

example.The term of a pregnant woman - 37 weeks.Abdominal circumference - 93 cm, VSDM - 34 cm Estimated weight of the child 93 x 34 = 3162 g +/- 200 g

Determination of fetal weight formula Yagubova

Exactly the same data used in this formula, but here they were at the beginning.fold.How to calculate the weight of the child at Yagubova?

Take the data of the same pregnant woman and get the following figures.

fetal weight = (abdominal circumference VSDM +) x 100 / 4. Substitute the data and get (93 + 34) x 100/4 = 3175, the difference with the first example was 13 grams.

Other ways

Apart from these there are many other ways.For example, the "calendar method", which is defined by the size of the uterus fetal weight and gestational age.The calculations for this method you must know the following parameters:

  • width front semicircle (180 *) pregnant uterus in its widest part (measurements are made when a pregnant lying on her back);
  • VSDM in centimeters.

discrepancies in the calculations for different techniques are small, you have already seen this in the first two examples.

should understand that the data, which are obtained by any of these methods are approximate and the exact formula, with clear rules for the calculation of the weight of the embryo in the womb does not exist.And knowing how to calculate the weight of the child at the moment, it is not so important.More relevant is the very dynamic growth of the baby weight.This factor will be more fully characterize the stability and normal development of the fetus in the womb.Therefore, pregnant women need to constantly monitor the dynamics of its own weight, to be confident in a stable a raise weight of the child.