How to give birth without pain ?

How to give birth without pain ?

In the belief that the birth went well, you need to unleash them all nodes to dissolve the hair, push open the doors and drawers.It is believed that in this way "unties the knot" that ties the child to the mother.The sign is so entered the woman's subconscious, even in the maternity hospital obstetricians removed from mothers all gum and hair clips.We will give a few other tips.

How to give birth without pain: tips

  1. talk to those women whose birth went smoothly.This will help tune your mind in a positive way.
  2. Collect information on all stages of the birth, as the knowledge of what will happen to you, help in overcoming future pain.
  3. Grow to leave a positive attitude in yourself and learn to relax.During the descent process can relax ways - read prayers, sing.
  4. Do not forget about your future baby, who is also scary and painful.Soothe it and regret.Do not forget that the harder your fight, the sooner you will be able to see his child.
  5. Water helps to relieve pain.If there are conditions, it is possible to plunge into the bath, but only before water will depart.The bath can replace a conventional shower.
  6. It will be the most comfortable and suitable position for you.For many women are easier to fight if they are at this time, walk, sit on a chair or squatting, legs wide apart.You can take a "baby pose," or get up on all fours.
  7. Between contractions, you need to rest and gather strength.
  8. When will the next battle, breathe deeply and count breaths.Slow and deep breathing gives relaxation and score helps determine when to end a fight.
  9. During peak contractions can often breathe and small (like a dog).
  10. Massage the neck and rump, press on the side of the pelvic bone.
  11. can enable pre-matched to relaxing music.
  12. Using aromatherapy helps to relax.
  13. helps her husband's presence during childbirth, but it must be prepared in advance in this process.

Trust nature, because every woman is released as much pain as it will make, and not a drop more!

There is a lot of artificial methods of how to give birth without pain.These include caesarean section, epidural anesthesia, local anesthesia and analgesics.They provide both positive and negative effects.

As an example, an experiment that is conducted with female deer.They made during calving anesthesia.The result is this - doe went from a newborn fawn.It instead first lick, and then feed it!

established that "children with epidural" difficult to get used to breast-feeding and the use of anesthesia affects the propensity to alcoholism and drug abuse in children.

Defeat your inner fear, and delivery will take place quickly and easily!