Basal temperature: what does it mean ?

Basal temperature: what does it mean ?

About basal temperature heard all women who have ever plan pregnancy in their lives.Also, this procedure is familiar to those who use the calendar method as a means of contraception.

What is basal

temperature basal body temperature is called the temperature of the body of a woman who measured her in a state of complete rest, usually in the morning.When using this method it is possible, even in the home to identify disturbances in the hormonal background of women that can affect ovulation and fertility.Subject to all rules during regular measurements can achieve high efficiency and reliability indicators.To eliminate the error of temperature measurements should be carried out over several cycles.

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How to measure the basal temperature

Compliance with these rules will help to measure the basal temperature and the right to obtain reliable indicators:

  1. To select a single measurement the thermometer and use it throughout the period.It can be both mercury and electronic, the main use of the same device.
  2. place of measurement of basal body temperature is the mouth, vagina or rectum.The latter method is considered to be the most informative.Whichever one you choose, do not change it during the entire measurement cycle.
  3. Decide for yourself at the same time for the measurement.The ideal option would be early in the morning, after an uninterrupted sleep of at least 6 hours.
  4. Thermometer should lie near the bed, because you can not get out of bed before the measurements.
  5. recommended to continue the measurement of not less than 6 minutes to obtain accurate results.
  6. start measuring basal body temperature is desirable from the first day of the menstrual cycle and continue to the end.
  7. The resulting information should be recorded.On its basis, a gynecologist will schedule.
  8. Indicators basal temperature believed to be accurate and informative, if the measurements were carried out for at least three consecutive cycles.

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basal temperature - pregnancy planning tool

Knowing the indicators of basal temperature, a woman can understand whether ovulation has occurred, what its terms, whether the process has begun production of progesterone by the ovaries.These data are necessary in order to:

  • determine whether the body any hormonal disorders;
  • Identify the most appropriate day for conception;
  • clarify the issue with the possible infertility if pregnancy does not occur for more than 12 months, in spite of the intimate relationship without the use of contraceptives.

Menstrual cycle consists of two phases.In the first phase the temperature will not exceed 37 °.When the second phase, the temperature rises by 0.4-0.6 degrees, which means that the beginning of ovulation and progesterone production by the ovaries.Lasts second headlamp about 2 weeks, after which the temperature is again lowered by 0.3 degrees.These small fluctuations show that a woman's body is healthy and ready to conceive.

most favorable for conception time comes for a couple of days before the rise in temperature, as well as on the first day of ovulation - the day of release of the egg from the follicle.On the ensuing pregnancy will testify to the preservation of high temperature for two to three weeks.

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