How sore breasts in pregnancy ?

With the onset of the long-awaited state of pregnancy, many women observe various changes in your body.Changing the type of skin on the face, with respect to the tastes of food, increased weight, and even starts to hurt his chest.This last symptom is a variety of questions from expectant mothers.First of all, many people are interested in whether the chest pain in pregnancy in general.According to experts, conducted sociological surveys, more than 95% of women feel the least discomfort and heaviness in the chest, if not pain.

about chest pain in early pregnancy

about how sore breasts before pregnancy, questions hardly occurs because the statistics show approximately the same feeling in most women.To distinguish chest pain, heralds the beginning of menstruation, and one that points to the initial stage of pregnancy is almost impossible.That is, in both cases slightly increased breast size, and poured becomes sensitive to any touches.There is no sharp distinctive points that would indicate it is for an initial term of pregnancy.Therefore, doctors advise, in the absence of menstruation, to buy a pregnancy test and find out for sure, pregnant women or not.

Talking about how sore breasts in pregnancy, it is worth noting the variety of possible answers.Many young mothers say that the sensations that occur in the chest at the beginning of pregnancy, it is extremely reminiscent of premenstrual syndrome.

What are chest pain during pregnancy?

Some pregnant note that painful breasts are observed on the sides and resemble tingling.Usually they disappear closer to the 11-12 week of pregnancy.The sensitivity of the nipples increases already during the appearance of milk in the breasts, that is, by the end of the third trimester and immediately after the long-awaited appearance of a baby into the world.

Given the fact that every woman is unique, it can be said that the changes in the organism expectant mothers often differ.Thus, except for chest pain, darkening may occur nipples, burning or tingling in them.

Causes and solutions of chest pain

If pain in the nipple is too strong, you should examine yourself carefully.The appearance of cracks on the nipple may not only cause pain in the chest, but also cause dirt, and consequently the teat inflammation.With the emergence of the first signs of cracks carefully wash the nipples with warm water and soap and let your gynecologist about the appearance of this problem.

The main diseases that are accompanied by chest pain include breast and mastitis.However, these diseases appear after the appearance of the child in connection with the stagnation of milk in the cracks and infection in them.

Therefore, if you have too much hurt the breast during pregnancy, tell your doctor or local gynecologist.He always tells you how to get rid of the pain, and when it should cease.

Choose comfortable underwear and high-quality natural materials, to reduce the discomfort associated with an increase in breast during pregnancy.