How to give birth without tears ?

Honestly, childbirth by their nature are not designed to deliver the injured child or his mother.However, for various reasons it does not always happen as smoothly.Various inflammatory processes of the vagina, elementary ignorance and even psychological unpreparedness for childbirth can be causes of soft tissue tears.But can this be avoided?How to give birth without tears and injuries?

Gaps in childbirth: the causes

Ignoring the recommendations of obstetricians.Now specifically.At the end of pregnancy the cervix is ​​still not open, while the head is already pressed against the entrance to the pelvis and puts pressure on the rectum and the bladder.Such feeling is very painful, but because there is a desire tighter to reduce pain.Control is also detrimental, but for the baby as the cervix pressure on the fragile head.What is needed: to head gradually expanded vaginal tissue, proceeded slowly.Conclusion: do not force the issue, listen to the recommendation of the obstetrician.

skin elasticity.It depends on genetic factors and even diet can affect.Stick to healthy nutrition throughout the period of pregnancy, since birth without breaks can only be a healthy mother with a normal pregnancy.Well, food plays a significant role.

baby's head size.If the head is large, gaps may occur.However, it is worth remembering that obstetricians are monitoring, episiotomy or perineotomy if necessary - lateral or direct (respectively) of the incision of the perineum.Still cuts sew better than tears.

Childbirth without breaks: preparation

Generally, you need to prepare to leave from the first day of pregnancy.Every day adjusted psychologically and monitor the physical condition.On the last detail.

Intimate gymnastics

elasticity of the pelvic floor tissues can be enhanced by training the relevant muscles.Blood flow to the muscle in the process of stimulation (stress relaxation) improves its nutrition.And the more elastic tissue and muscle, the less likely it breaks.Consider some of these exercises.Perform they need on a daily basis.

  • Exercise 1. tense and relax the muscles of the perineum, the maximum squeeze the vagina and the muscles of the anus.
  • Exercise 2. Feet on a distance wider than shoulder width (making the exercise you choose for yourself the most comfortable position).Imagine that you are standing by to handle package.Imagine that you take a vagina package.Pick it up, hold, put into place.Repeat several times (15, 20, etc.).
  • Exercise 3. Imagine that your vagina - it is something like an elevator shaft.Try alternately compress the muscles of the entrance to the vagina to the top, like a lift.Then get down, etc.

The great advantage of these exercises is that you can choose any comfortable position to carry them out.

Cosmetic preparation

This training is a light massage treatments with neutral oils: almond (most valuable, easy to find in any drugstore), olive, sesame, and you can stop at any plant.

more often oiling will do better.If the later stages you will have to interfere with tummy, ask your partner to help you.

best done after a bath procedures.Now spread the oil vagina (may be the whole body, because the skin needs nourishment), a little massage, rub butter.You can sit for 10-15 minutes and apply a second dose after the first soaking.

This procedure nourishes the skin, eliminates dryness, which is very important, since birth without breaks from dehydrated, dry skin will not work.


Enroll in the pool.Swimming is especially helpful in the later stages, in addition to the stimulation of a broad group of muscles, you will give your spine and relax.

Proper breathing

We have already moved on to the moment of birth.How to give birth without tears?Breathe properly, practice even before birth.The fact is that during birth, women are often more concerned about the pain and contractions, causing them to tighten.This voltage is only prolongs birth as the birth canal too compressed, increases the likelihood of fractures.Do you want to give birth without tears - learn to relax.